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Zhang Ming: Quilt of Huang of post Yu Nuo hold is strapped
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Hangzhou person Zhang Ming of 53 years old, own job is associate professor of department of music of institute of Zhejiang profession art, but he more of person commend, it is in the west lake the edge established China faces popular music library the first times -- library of Zhang Ming music. Build the of 1 million investment when the house, 5000 pieces of authorised editions are classic the holding of musical CD, equipment of two every cover 6000 yuan top class sound inside inn, it is he himself draws out money completely. Come down 5 years, from enter at first not apply goes out, to balance of loath now income and expenses, face deficit, zhang Ming is anounced only laugh indifferently: &Ldquo; this won't shake the determination that I popularize music. ”

The dream that held to 22 years

In August Hangzhou, heat wave rolls. A suit is recreational the Zhang Ming that dress up, sit in oneself musical library, rose to do the original intention of the house a little with the reporter, he moves this with one action qualitative for ” of “ commonweal career.

1985, the Zhang Ming that central music institute graduates ended the job of middle school teacher, will to Zhejiang round provincial Party committee hold the post of director of artistic staff room, go each district popularizes a class for the music on young. The artistic atmosphere at that time is very poor, go to what Fu Yang tells Beethoven once " destiny symphony " , all pay of lecture, namely from place carry over there the League branch answered a chicken.

“ classical music is not costly! ” he is helpless path of ground forced smile.

But fall in so abominable condition just about, depend on the passion to music, zhang Ming began to the mission that popularizes music feels. “ the foundation of young music accomplishment at that time is honest too weak, so I felt to find working fulcrum at a draught, found this to give birth to the career that struggles for it. ”

Zhang Ming wants the thing that do, there are any precedents before, how to go beginning, the bottom also is done not have in his heart, this removes an oasis as wanting to be raised in desert. 20 come for years, zhang Ming goes in this boundless to search all the time on the road.

Meantime, zhang Ming has told a year of classical music to admire in Zhejiang odeum. Than low pay more the cost accounting that lets him feel painful is odeum. “ arrives they feel the artificial cost of odeum, place material of cost, bad news is taken etc later calculate, had not propped income. ” Zhang Ming can be forced to stop the lecture over only.

The course is experienced a few times so, zhang Ming begins to discover, of classical music popularize promotion, encounter the real problem of money, meet such can'ting bear biff. Was immersed in vicious circle then -- do not have an audience more, do not have money to spread out more popularize promotion; to cannot be popularized more, classical music does not have an audience more.
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