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Jiang Xiaoyu: Evil common is pair of viewpoint of value most the means of the ex
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Beijing of channel of people net culture on October 11 report (reporter Lei Zhilong) “ is common, low, evil common 3 person distinction depends on: Common and beneficial harmless, low and profitless harmless, evil common is harmful and profitless. ”“ evil common is pair of mankind viewpoint of value most a kind of means of the extreme that see form. ” 11 days afternoon, huang Chengqing of small fish of river of assistant president of Chinese music newspaper office and Internet association secretary-general becomes forum of powerful nation of guest people net, how does “ purify network song ” with netizen communication, when answer netizen quizs, jiang Xiaoyu conveyed him the definition of ” of evil to “ common and understanding.

It is the tremendous distress that the mainstream is a times with evil common

Jiang Xiaoyu conveys the condemn of ” of evil to “ common for many times in communication, the culture seeing form that he thinks to be the mainstream with evil common should not be the basic value footing of this times, “ solution compose is the right that the free speech that the public cannot strip says, but in us affliction of classics of this all previous is mixed inflict heavy losses on, value system breaks down already the time of separation, of value rebuild the hardship that appears such, proposing form should be the basic value footing of the public of this times! ”
Value system is ” of evil common of judgement of river small fish and definition “ is important consult content, when answering evil common of “ network song to produce reason ” , he expresses: “ besides the huge commercial demand that does not divide good and evil, we of the value system of this transition period be short of break, also be a the mainest factor. ” he has ” of “ evil common and connection of whole culture zoology unscrambling together, do his utmost to dig “ below evil common ” the reason of deep administrative levels, “ because the disorder of value system, brought about people the acknowledge of the artistic value to song and social value is ambiguous, low regard as vogue, with be individual character scurvily, the network that formed a kind of evil common that does not have footing thereby is orgiastic. ”

Should not count on go interfering musical transmission with administrative means

About how the transmission of song of check evil common, the aesthetic arousal that Jiang Xiaoyu emphasizes needing “ to rely on people oneself and morality rebuild ” , and the goes interfering music with administrative means transmission ” that “ should not count on from above to below, transmission of administrative interpose music is should vigilant “ ” of a kind of retrogression. He is sent at great expectations to education, think integral aesthetic quality raises “ skill education to appear weigh particularly want and pressing ” .
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