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Li Gu award of one cannon ornamental columns erected in front of palaces
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Singer plum Gu Yi general on October 2, wait for old generation artist 3 days one case with Caidanzhuoma, Liu Bingyi, Luo Tianchan, Wu Guosong, gather together Oriental and artistic center, display act " vocal motherland -- ― congratulatory People's Republic of China establishs large concert 58 years " . At the appointed time, she will be sung " I and my motherland " , " countryside is loved " , " young friend will encounter " etc unforgettable old song. A few days ago, be worth two years for a time during award of film ornamental columns erected in front of palaces awards prize, mention in those days of film song pass sing what reach instantly film song temporarily to disappear from the scene, filmdom of China of cannon of one none polite ground is opposite all along candid Li Gu film music ignored. She says she mentions to concerned respect for many times this problem, but situation never much about-face.

Li Gu tells a reporter, oscar film awards prize have film song reward, tan Dun still holds the award that has answered ” of “ other people in both hands, but most film festival of China ignores film music all the time however, sing the singer of film song especially, link reward of film ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, also fail to stay for its have position. The brilliant terribly of film song yearned for Li Gu a pair past, await in those days, the movies may have not looked, but everybody knows the tune inside, " on Gan Ling " medium " my motherland " , " floret " medium " the little sister looks for elder brother tears in eyes to flow " , " bosom friend " medium " bosom friend " etc, and now, hardly what film song can be popular in that way like the film song of that time and pass sing, this is the distress of Chinese film. Investigate its reason, she thinks, it is at present the development of Chinese TV exceeded the film, everyman is easier song of TV of bring into contact with. At the same time as a result of the network gain ground, make network song more and more develop, if film worker or else tries hard, can give TV and network original and due position resign sovereign authority.

In this second show, li Gu is sung a little while " bosom friend " wait for film song. She expresses, although oneself already 60 superabundant, but frequent show does not feel tired. After this National Day puts the message of song Shen Cheng to announce, stick in Baidu in, a flock of “ cereal confuse ” very excited, li Gu also expresses, old artist support and always encourage the secret Ji of nurture youth is an audience.