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Liu Huan: Produced great change to the self-identity of popular music now
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■ reporter hand is written down

Liu Huan is in popular music is on history of these 20 years cannot the name of oversight. From break up inchoately sing subsequently " civilian clothes police " , " Peking Man is in new York " , " Shui Hu is passed " wait for teleplay theme song to sing, restrict abroad record company to the autograph again, become the frequenter of large evening party. All and important level of this not long history condensed almost on Liu joyous body. Such identity, also have right to speak naturally most. Look in him, outback popularity music passed early to make close, create a talent to also be not lacked, besides pilfer edition, the media environment that small land of the seas and oceans cannot coordinate each other again is the biggest problem that at present outback popularity music faces it seems that. (Gu Wei)

The 2nd 10 years of gains are big

Technology of the pass a barrier that make progresses

New capital signs up for: When 1996, inland sheds picnicky altar to once had done 10 years large to review. Now turn one's head 1996 arrive 2006 these 10 years, what particularly noticeable change and progress does outback popularity music have?

Liu Huan: If begin to calculate from 1996, I feel this 10 years our greatest progress is to began to receive course with international eventually, had oneself make.

Although 10 this after 1996 years we are faced with the likelihood is more it is various problems, when these 10 years we had a very big gains, that is we had obtained great progress on the technology, can say to had had the making capacity of special standardization now. Although how much cannot say to compare others tower above, but be in at least make had not been defeated by others.

New capital signs up for: Ibid compare 10 years, popular music is on creation and do not have it seems that so active. Be in the first 10 years inside, we have balladry of northwest wind, campus, rock-and-roll, 94 the Cenozoic Era to wait a moment. But after 10 years, is the collective of the invention that lacks special make good it seems that revealed?

Liu Huan: In the final analysis, remain platitude -- ― pilfer edition.

The sales volume of goods of 10 years of sound resembling after I believe should be even taller than before 10 years, just original portion is compressed very badly. As to invention, I feel our invention is turned over now is should more ambitious than before. Will look from the method that make and technical capability, we have very great progress. But be the influence because of the market, bring about play of these invention have no way. Harsh environment does not have method to make sure record company takes due profit, person of music of natural meeting limitation of invention show, this is not the problem of musical person oneself. There is the appearance that follow suit now, a lot of people are doing saliva song and R&B. This matters with commercial pattern, it is very difficult still to follow suit now gain money, we are different from benigner market of abroad, do not do us to live very hard so.
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