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Lin Nu of singer diversiform-leaved poplar says: "Perfume " avirulent Zhang Jing
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There is her perfume taste on “ your body, it is the crime that my nose commits ”…… " perfume is poisonous " let singer diversiform-leaved poplar forest between one night from the network red to reality, but at the same time, everything accompanies the erase of that libretto “ in song you sleep ” also drew very big dispute, a lot of people think “ is low common pornography ” . Recently, diversiform-leaved poplar forest is in his rich guest, had violent fight back to this, it is straight that argue calls this ability white “ careless root is literary ” . She returns the person “ such as a Li Zongcheng, Zhang Jing glume to pull ” to enter his camp, weigh them more “ barefaced ” .

FLASH editor recommends: Perfume is poisonous

Careless root of “ of crack oneself up is literary ” is not low common

" perfume is poisonous " those who tell about is the man that a woman is in so that intimate loves had an affair, but the love that stems from pair of men, still pretend not know the inside story, bear living tale. Yesterday, the reporter is in the rich guest of diversiform-leaved poplar forest is pleasant to the eye, her angry reason, it is to result from some to sign up to be popular lyric of a “ to move toward pornography the article of low common ” . In article, of diversiform-leaved poplar forest " perfume is poisonous " the typical case of libretto of popularity of low common of pornography be servinged as undertakes an analysis, this makes her very angry,

The person that criticize besides angrily rebuke is “ a gang besides the person ” of the ‘ foot-binding ’ of literary bound, diversiform-leaved poplar forest still refutes: “ actually popular song, perhaps say popular song, a general term for ci and qu wants namely brief and understand easily, fluent able to read aloud fluently. The times differred now, song word is made and also existed really in the past some of difference, but literary ’ does not have ‘ careless root the original sin of low common. ”

Is Zhang Jing glume sung more ” of “ low common?

To prove oneself view, diversiform-leaved poplar forest still is mixed with Li Zongcheng the song of Zhang Jing glume is him evidence. She expresses, li Zongcheng is in " more irritated recently " the dining-room lamplight in dream of medium that libretto “ is too dim, I am searching do not wear the pellet of that blue (elder brother pointing to Wei) the true detail that ” mirrorred a few men and womens to live, was not atttacked however; And Zhang Jing glume breaks up in transcending female race those who sing " LovingYou " this song, among them “AndmakinglovewithyouisallIwannado” of a libretto, although the outside is translated,for “ I want to be the same as your lingering ” only, but the meaning that diversiform-leaved poplar forest thinks metaphrase comes over however is “ I want to be the same as your sex ” only. To the outside censure, diversiform-leaved poplar forest is very ill-affected: Why does “ sing English song to be able to appear the libretto of and so on of similar ‘ sex ’ , and " perfume is poisonous " a medium “ sleeps ” word makes you such be ashamed into anger. ”
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