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Cui Jian: Broken ice continues to rock and roll
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Cui Jian, famous rock and roll of rock-and-roll of artist, China get military thing, china of the “ that be called rocks and roll patristic ” . Masterpiece has " penniless " , " the egg below the red flag " , " rock and roll on road of new long march " , " give you a bit facial expression " etc.

Begin sortie movie and TV in recent years, show work has " my brotherly sister " etc, directed network short subject 2005 " the story is unparalleled " .

Constellation: Leo

Interest: Hear music, read a book.

Cui Jian came back again, this, does he bring countless rock and roll what kind of surprise to confuse?

Icebound after 20 years, cui Jian reappears, the show had on the evening party of CCTV, to this musical person that emphasize wanting to be far from commerce all the time and does true rock and roll, his reappear to get attention all the more.

These days, he is undertaking nervous and busy rehearse, his assistant tells our newspaper the reporter, he often wants rehearse to arrive very late, “ has a lot of home media to queueing up to waiting for a hope to interview Mr. Cui recently. ” assistant says. Very apparent, cui Jian returns still is the heat of media focusing.

Regard China as rock and roll get military thing, cui Jian by the coronal with “ the honor of patristic ” , someone says, up to now, can represent Chinese rock and roll completely, still have Cui Jian only; Also someone says, in this period that rock and roll has been spent by the brim, chinese rock-and-roll team from build up, disband, again renascence, did not get the self-identity of art of social mainstream culture from beginning to end, in the domain of art of Chinese avant-courier pioneer, chinese rock and roll 20 will struggle in breathed ground all the time for years with ups and downs.

However, although be in so dim environment, regard China as rock and roll get army person, cui Jian is doing praiseworthly all the time happy person, stand fast the ideal of a right musical person and belief, rise and fall rises to fall in the ups and downs of rock and roll, also exploring Chinese rock and roll in ground of do one's best before the road of travel.