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Sun Mengjin: China rocks and roll, just be furnished and not be sound
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Still be in when Cui Jian raising big flag, china rocks and roll already flash 20 years. Did not build all the time as industry of whole interior music, as international limits rock and roll idealism colorific is abate, china rocks and roll to stagger and go, do not have strength posture absolutely.  

Chinese rock-and-roll became late full 31 years, now, with 1986 of Cui Jian " penniless " in head body is sung noisy to differentiate, it is relatively scientific. Because will search China to rock and roll from time angle the first person, already did not have any meanings. Rocking and roll have heroic complex, in the west, person old scene declined, can rock and roll into “ ” of celebrity ancestral temple is offerred to rise.

And here you must bear the desolate sense that times changes brings, ever by honour for “ 4 rock and roll greatly the Sun Guoqing of star ” also can be amused on TV only amuse art school woman student to live, ” of “ Tang Chao, “ panther ” criterion …… of exist in name only only ground of gas of move of Cui Jian hold back gives disc to open a concert again again.

The force with the 9 people in masses limits, it is to cannot be defied rock and roll of developing deformation tendency. Cui Jian became everywhere mobile milepost, but its original force is reduced however. See ” of one lone “ old person was pushed by invisible force only paramount place, I wish to believe him at the outset motive is happiness, but this is one does not have a law to overcome what “ authoritative ” adores a group of things with common features group.

Ground of sex of Chinese rock-and-roll collective hides before the masses was 1995 “ demon cliff 3 outstanding after ” is rolled out, another thing 1995 -- of Zhang Ju make rock and roll to death circle shadow is enveloped. After 1996, the subterranean concept of Chinese rock-and-roll grows in year after year, one of among them odd state are the segregation between era and generation, namely new generation is to be in very isolate below the condition of the brim those who grow. Just think, not be happy altar of the thoughts of deal with concrete matters relating to work of whole period and whole interior popularity is stagnant, “ child say ” of ” , fly of Zun Xiaozu cuss and “No” , “ should have larger force one batch this. In what around went out 2000 that is approved is subterranean rock-and-roll these in year most flourishingly a force, the diversity of its style, it is China rocks and roll history go up peerless. But beyond the adverse element besides external environment, they are faced with a few deadly hard injuries, especially on the transcribe of disc. The disc of “ tongue ” is for instance far the spot that does not have them has shock power in that way. Push the band such as ” of good chemist's shop of melon ” , “ to change like “ wood appear in another times, can be another kind of appearance.
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