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Bai Nake says American economy anabiosises still need time beautiful couplet sto
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According to CCTV report, although beautiful Europe each country adopts measure to try to stabilize money market one after another, but financial crisis is deepened with each passing day to the influence of system of world main economy. Beautiful couplet store chairman Bainake points out 15 days, the series act that American government aims to stabilize money market can not help economy be in short-term inside anabiosis.

Bai Nake says, the fall after a rise of current oil price and other goods price conduces to the purchasing power that enhances American family, but this one advantageous element already was offsetted by new problem place. Investment of consumptive spending, business and obtain employment market appear atrophy, exit also goes soft because of commerce associate economy of the United States and will give now to slip. Bai Nake thinks estate market glides at the same time is the main factor that brings about money market crisis and hypostatic economy to go soft.

After Bainake speaks before long, beautiful couplet store published book of skin of brown of new first phase. The report shows, economic activity of the United States is already comprehensive and atrophic. In 12 areas couplet store place administer area, the consumptive expenses of most area and manufacturing industry activity give now to slip, the foreground of a few domains is far the couplet that compare the United States store those who anticipate is more pessimistic. Most economist is forecasted, beautiful couplet store the likelihood is in lower interest again after to sit a meeting of the last ten-day of a month this month.

Be glided by Bai Nake speech and company profit wait for a message to affect, new York stock market steeps fall 15 days once more, dow Jones index drops 733.08 a little bit, drop for 7.87% . Index of standard general Er drops for 9.03% . Na Sida overcomes an index to drop 8.47% .