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Outside China store amplitude drops not to withdraw on behalf of hot money front
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Be aimed at the 3rd quarter of our country especially growth of foreign exchange reserve put delay appearance significantly September, the personage inside course of study thinks, cannot sheet decreases to heat up money to withdrawing with respect to judgement from what increase sheer number, the exchange loss that euro lays in may be the main reason that amplitude drops.

Many people before this think, amplitude of foreign exchange reserve drops, it is RMB add dollar appreciates after speed puts delay, congenial capital is flowed into decrease, and the result that heats up fund the parent to be badly in need of ” of “ blood transfusion, the likelihood that heat up money has begun to recall abroad.

Seek testimony to heat up Qian Liu to go out

The data that Central Bank Zhou Er publishs shows, up to by September, amount of our country foreign exchange reserve is one thousand nine hundred and five billion six hundred million dollar, occupy global first place, prep above the when one thousand eight hundred and eight billion eight hundred million dollar end June. But amplitude of foreign exchange reserve of the 3rd quarter falls to 96.8 billion dollar, amplitude is about 153 billion dollar first quarter, the 2nd quarter is 127 billion dollar. Country Wang Xiaohui of macroscopical economy researcher represents golden negotiable security, look from the foreign currency data of 3 quarters, the part cannot explain in foreign exchange reserve (rise subtractive foreign trader with foreign exchange reserve direct investment and the sum of favorable balance of trade) should be negative number, this is in mean hot Qian Liu to go out usually.

Logan Wright of Stone &McCarthy analyst also reports in a research middle finger goes out, china appeared September the circumstance of capital outflow, foreign exchange reserve rose 21.4 billion dollar that month, invest the total with favorable balance of trade directly under the foreign trader 35.9 billion dollar, real congenial fund already decreased considerably. He thinks, the capital of Chinese near future pours out of orgnaization of be in harmony of the capital outside mirrorring possibly instead to try to collect fund a mainland, so that be in credit crisis during accumulate dollar circulating fund, is not the market produced change to the integral view of the RMB.

Broken bits hits grand of annals of bank economist king to express, most capital pours out of likelihood and transnational corporation to concern. Support RMB appreciates before sit the transnational corporation that enjoys profit, if continue capital,stay in China now will profitless. But he thinks, the market is short-term to international capital flows calculate a method not accurate. Data of favorable balance of trade needs to will serve course of study to be calculated inside, but current trade data does not include to serve industry. He points out, of a small hot money be being poured out of completely begin from July.

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