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Bay money is long this 10 thousand: General coughs Mi of raw meat or fish of o
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Australian money is long this 16 days 10 thousand express, the Ministry of finance still is deciding the detail that bank financing assures, participate in the bank place pay that assure to charge will inspect particular case and be decided.

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on October 16, australian money is long this 10 thousand (WayneSwan) reject 16 days to be cut truly elaborate participate in governmental bank the bank that fixed financing assures will by the cost with much higher collection.

This 10 thousand express, official of Ministry of finance still is being made assure the detail of the plan. Assure the plan aims to ensure local bank won't be in adverse position on international credit market, because of a few otherer the country decides to offer similar assure.

In the answer assemblyman attends financing to assure about the bank of BBB grade whether will by the charge of bank of grade of AA of collection prep above when, this 10 thousand say, the basis the case of every bank decides, “ these trade are made on the parliament decision-making the duty ” that is not me.

He says, carry insurance cost to will be decided by the Ministry of finance with arrangement, will be transparent, open, will examine to the public open.