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Gao Chujian: Use beard of foreign currency of a huge sum seeks the greatest bene
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According to the figure that Chinese people bank announces the day before yesterday, 1 of remaining sum of foreign exchange reserve of our country nation. 9 trillion, grow compared to the same period be close to 33 % , certain room world the first.

Face the financial crisis that sweeps across the whole world, how had we used the foreign currency of a huge sum in him hand, made play gives optimal effect, it is the problem that the public pays close attention to undoubtedly. Come day after day, in CCTV economy channel heat sows " strike wall street storm continuously " in the program, many honored guest that accepts an interview undertook discussing around this one problem from different point of view. Comb the viewpoint of experts, basically involve two aspects: On one hand the viewpoint thinks, chinese finance orgnaization should be bold walk out of, go “ copies bottom ” , go buying those to be being produced in the sea foreign capital of “ sacrifice ” . On the other hand the viewpoint thinks, risk of the asset outside buying the of great capacity now is too big, precious foreign exchange should use investment industrial, strive for let hypostatic economy accelerate change, go up again a step.

Such viewpoint is quite reasonable. Financing is produced and talk in order to invest abroad gold, although be put in the risk, although early days ever had produced China restful (601318, ) investment is rich cause a loss, and because concerned investment orgnaization invests the lesson such as occurrence deficit of ” of “ Hei Shi, we however need not give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk. Contrary, we should see total meeting has investment opportunity in the crisis, risk and accrual are symmetrical, the key is to hold detailed and accurate information, and will go go out to regard a long-term strategy as investment, not the gain and loss of success or failure with tentative plan, and attention is longer the accrual of period.

As to say to invest with foreign currency of a huge sum industrial, of course more be necessary. For instance, we can buy more advanced technology equipment, with will transform metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery to make wait an industry a moment, can increase investment for industry of agriculture, medical treatment. If foreign company is willing to sell,father all the time for years the sophisticated technology that imposes restriction, new and high technology, we close completely according to sheet of course, be happy to pay.

Actually, how ” of “ beautiful foreign currency is a pursuit likewise the increase is the biggest the issue that turn. Good steel is used on edge, the country is counted with -727379968 plan hard-earned of foreign exchange reserve, the foreign exchange reserve that we must want to let hard-earned gets more get one's own back. People has noticed no less than, after Asian banking crisis, because China took the correct step that answers the crisis, chinese economy is in Asian economy establish of with one action dominant position. And in this banking crisis, the full case that is a delegate with the United States rash - the modern banking pattern that institute of Sa Kexun state creates, already exposed piece include immanent profit pattern and inspect to be in charge of a system to be deficient in the major flaw that waits for a respect, the United States that ever was regarded as myth casts mode of a mode, commercial bank mode and whole bank business fetching bad-mouth, dollar hegemony must the focal point that terminative topic is making people think over. Here setting falls, one of the most pressing issues that recombine global finance and trade system to become people to pay close attention to generally. Since such, we can be discussed of course, through why be being planted means, rely on the powerful actual strength of foreign exchange reserve, have position to build new structure of prospective world economy.
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