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Negotiable securities times: Do not depress financial innovation because of fina
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In the Shanghai “2008 Asia-Pacific that holds yesterday peak of retail bank international is met on ” , come from bureau of silver-colored inspect of headquarters of Central Bank Shanghai, place and financial industry appoint chief expresses, the lesson of American banking crisis wants to absorb, but cannot abandon financial innovation because of this.

Wu Jianrong of vice secretary of committee of Shanghai banking job says, development of finance of China of enlightenment of American banking crisis can break away from hypostatic economy anything but, financial industry cannot “ amuses oneself ” type develops, must build the development on the base that can control in credit and the risk that lever magnifies, but also cannot accordingly with respect to rein in speed. As RMB international position rise stage by stage, our country should have new breakthrough on construction of money market system, be built for example and develop off shore market.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad be setting of president of branch of Central Bank Shanghai is united in wedlock last year second since borrowing the crisis to erupt the change of situation of finance of domestic international economy, point out the dual role that must understand finance deeply to innovate. He expresses, in the construction process that advances center of Shanghai international banking, want to strengthen finance to superintend ceaselessly, develop what financial innovation develops to finance to promote action further, the concussion with avoid finance safe to finance innovation.

Yan Qingmin of director of bureau of Shanghai silver-colored inspect also points out, financial industry cannot excessive innovation, but also do not depress innovation because of financial crisis, innovation is the power that financial industry expands and fountainhead, in international banking competition increasingly intense environment falls, chinese finance orgnaization lives through innovation ability only development. He thinks, after this second banking crisis happens, chinese banking industry wants attention to confuse already battalion risk. Although the outside criticizes China to superintend all the time too conservative, but mix already battalion to must want to consider financial orgnaization to whether had made preparation.