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Authoritative sound: Chinese economy avoids financial crisis is pounded hard or
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Xiang Huaicheng of the minister before the Ministry of finance attends Chinese business whole world yesterday and buy brightly of the banner when forum to point out, suffer concussion of global banking crisis, predicting our country is in future a few months and even quite long in the likelihood is faced with economy to develop decelerate, exit to decrease, finance is decreased close, shrink of foreign exchange reserve and be out of job personnel increases wait for a circumstance.

Although hopeful person the financial crisis that thinks “ rise to power and position is abroad more won't cause concussion ” to our country economy, but increasing the sound that comes from authoritative level shows: Our country economy probably very difficult from now on the whole body in crisis of banking of second whole world and retreat.

So, what kind of effect does financial crisis produce the life of ordinary to our country economy and our country common people after all? Probably, we can happen in the circumstance syncopation of Hong Kong and inland to peep just a little from 1998.

GDP: Or drop to 8% bottom lines

If financial crisis pounds macroscopical economy, bring to common people most “ of economy of about-face nothing is more... than turns by heat cold ” , wide for compatriots place hep GDP is added fast will appear to glide apparently.

The simplest paradigmatic be, be in at present Euramerican wait for a country, financial crisis is spreading toward hypostatic economy, preliminary show piece evolve into the omen that is economic crisis. And put delay considerably as what these countries consume demand, chinese exit is affected necessarily. As long-term since pull the cart that moves our country economy, of exit glide to be affected to economy tremendous.

According to Magendatong chief economist Gong just is calculated maly, if our exit grows from what the growing change unit of 20% above counts, the economy of our country is added fast likely from 12% turn into 8% to 9% .

In fact, had been in our country at this o'clock to get test and verify in data of the following 1997 macroscopical economy. As a result of 1997 of environment of economy of the international after financial crisis change abruptly, our country is in economy was added 1998 fast it is only 7.8% , 1999 is to glide more to of 7.1% in recent years nadir.

Visible fact is, from 1978 since, the GDP that our country reforming and opening comes to 30 years year add on average fast for 9.8% , the direct result that brought with the low growth 1999 1998 is: 8% be considered as ” of the government and learned man's common “ psychology bottom line generally from now on.

And the viewpoint that according to the Yale Chen Zhiwu teachs, to Chinese common people, GDP is added fast for 10.4% , the increase rate that common people can find is about 6.2% . Accordingly, if GDP is added fast glide, the feeling of ” of shrink of “ of common people pocket will very intense.
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