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Japanese premier: Allow of of busy of Xing of moisture in the soil is long bar
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Ma Shengtai man points out Japanese premier 16 days, the stock market drops show, the market thinks American bank helps a plan can't resolve financial crisis, the plan that expresses to whether aid financially the United States will inspect Japanese condition and decide.

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on October 16, ma Shengtai man shows Japanese prime minister 16 days, stock market meet with is cast dish, because investor still thinks plan of American bank aid is insufficient still, can't resolve financial crisis.

He points out at the same time, japan funds American plan without the part, and the request that did not receive American this respect. When should be being asked whether Tokyo authorities can accept this kind of American plea, ma Shengtai man expresses, of this see financial crisis be opposite Japan pound degree and decide.

Ma Shengtai man says, if be immersed in a disorder entirely, want possibly to consider to extend aid, but if future appears likely,this kind asks, had better avoid to respond to this kind of problem.