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World bank eliminates to establish the crisis to answer the likelihood of fund i
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World bank East Asia and Adam of Pacific Area vice-president this express, the world offers a help to answer global banking crisis for southeast Asia country soon, but predict to won't create regional special fund for this.

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on October 16, world bank (WorldBank) 15 days of affirmatory helps suffer state of Asia of financial crisis percussive, but eliminated to establish financing mechanism for southeast Asia instantly in order to answer the likelihood of the crisis.

World bank East Asia and Adam of Pacific Area vice-president this (JimAdams) express, we already prepared “ the challenge that all member country that supports East Asia will come to answer financial crisis to bring. ” however, he says, the world predicts to won't create a regional fund for this all right.

Some earlier moment, philippine president Aluoyao (GloriaArroyo) say in statement, the international Monetary Fund that when Zhou Zhou on October 6 end holds (IMF) with clearance of world bank annual meeting, the money of East Asia country grows to build “ to reserve loan mechanism ” will help continue the southeast Asia country of capital is reached forgive.

She says, world bank already “ alludes ” will to this mechanism bankroll.

Adam this express, predict to won't establish regional loan mechanism, did not undertake discussion with respect to affirmatory bankroll on area level, held for many times with individual government only on the conference discuss.

He expresses, world bank supports east alliance (Asean) the information of member country is shared and the financial crisis that reacts in coordination answers a plan.