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Pakistan president visits Hua Dafeng to receive China to help capital may reach
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Catch good priority discipline to carry out

Yesterday the head of Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman and Zaerdali talks in, economic topic has made one of focal points.

Hu Jintao says, current, in cling to momentum of classics trade collaboration is powerful, " in cling to free trade agreement " , " in cling to classics trade collaboration develops a program 5 years " with concerned cooperation agreement overall carry out good, project of a few important collaboration gains active headway. Both sides should continue to had implemented the agreement that already signed, catch good priority discipline to carry out the job, preferential push conditional maturity project, discuss the new way new approach that enlarges collaboration, expand border land commerce and trade of pass through the territory of a country actively, make two countries people gets more material benefit.

Zaerdali expresses, cling to governmental hope and in square joint efforts, continue to be advanced in the round cling to in each domain is friendly collaboration, had executed bilateral cooperation agreement, implement the large collaboration project between good two countries, promote classics trade cooperative standard, strengthen both sides to be in infrastructure, carry, the collaboration of the domain such as environmental protection, finance.

Notable is, ceremonially welcomes at what the square outside Tangdongmen holds people plenary meeting before dynast talks, outside be being attended except many diplomatic official, coulee of week of president of Chinese people bank, the country develops innovation appoint Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of vice director, nation also is in awesomely row.

Emissive satellite builds electronic plant

After the talk, two countries dynast attended TV of film of economic technology, commerce, mineral products, agriculture, environmental protection, telecommunication satellite, broadcast to wait for the signing ceremony of bilateral collaboration file jointly.

In cling to the cooperative project that both sides manages this is very conspicuous. For instance, head office of industry of Chinese Great Wall with Pakistan space the aerosphere outside mixing studied committee signed contract of Pakistan 1R telecommunication satellite project in Beijing yesterday. This is the contract of the 3rd telecommunication satellite that China and international user sign.

According to contract provision, just will be in cling to square design, make, general assembly, test this telecommunication satellite, the long march that plans to was developed independently by China 2011 carrier rocket launchs 3 second enter the space. As we have learned, telecommunication satellite nods 1R surely at 38° of the east longitude, design life 15 years, after course moves normally, will be used at cling to domestic communication and broadcast service.

In addition, china and Pakistan still signed agreement of a framework yesterday, bilateral combination builds combine of industry of Pakistan country electron. Pakistan is stationed in China sweat of · of ambassadorial Ma Sude and in gold of Yan Li of president of limited company of international trade of electric science and technology signed an agreement, consultative amount restrains 300 million dollar, involve for military use and civil information electron technology. Pass the construction of this one combine, electric science and technology will output research and development and productivity to Pakistan in, offer the technology supports and groom.
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