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"9 · 18 " 77 years of hold a memorial ceremony for
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Late on September 18, 1931, the east of Shanhaiguan of aggressor troops —— that Japan is stationed in China army, blow up lake of wicker of Shenyang north outskirt by oneself around south a paragraph of rail of full railroad, army of the China that turn over accuse falsely destroys railroad, lend this brazenly assault battalion of Beijing University of northeast army place where troops are stationed and Shenyang city. As a result of Kuomintang government nonresistant, japanese army immediately in the embezzlement inside a few days many 20 city reachs the vast area all round its. The “ that this astonishs China and foreign countries namely 18 ” of 9 · emergency. To March 1932, northeast 3 provinces fall into enemy hands entirely, I am northeast 3000 much brethrens suffer great suffering, in sink an abyss of suffering. Consequently, was regarded as ” of day of “ national humiliation on September 18, in making our heart forever painful.

Today, 9 · of our souvenir “ 18 ” emergency, want to remember well namely: Backward be about to take a beating. Go up the China at the beginning of the century, domestic trouble and foreign invasion of it may be said, accumulate deficient accumulating to lose. By be, japanese militarist just can covet China, ” of crankily China of clamour “ conquer. Because lag behind, the Japanese army starts 9 · of “ 18 ” emergency just can succeed; Because lag behind, I east 3 provinces just can fall into enemy hands; Because lag behind, just have the emergency of Lu channel bridge that devil old tactics repeats; Because lag behind, just have 8 years of war of resistance against aggression of showing the utmost fortitude. Bravery comes out of the feeling of shame. Do not forget national humiliation, be about to quicken pace of reforming and opening, promote our country comprehensive national power energetically, throw poor and backward hat, make my China ascends at an early date train of power of group of one's life experience. Such, ability feel no regret at “ 18 ” of 9 · brethren of die in an accident.

Today, 9 · of our souvenir “ 18 ” emergency, want to be sure to keep in mind namely: Solidarity is force. After 18 ” events occurs 9 · of “ , in the view fighting day of the Chinese Communist the influence falls, east 3 provinces are broad patriotic officers and soldiers, green Lin Wu installs people, frontier defence army and local armed, initiative composition northeast fights day of militia, puppet army or soldier of day of active beat back. Subsequently, to Feburary 1936, northeast fights day of army to unite each adapt fight day of united army for northeast. 1937 7 · of “ after 7 ” emergency, wide swarm of solidarity of the allied forces that fight day is numerous, began further extensive and abiding fight day of armed fight, effectively cooperates the countrywide war of resistance against aggression that the Chinese Communist leads, welcomed the great victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan eventually. If do not have the solidarity of the army and the people, solidarity of patriotic officers and soldiers, solidarity of all ascensive force, japanese army of join hands beat back, consequence is unimaginable. Solidarity is force, the history proves already Demosthenicly, received farther explanatory note in the glacial calamity this year and seismic calamity; Solidarity is force, we will be not had go to and deeply.
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