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Hua Guofeng is in " truth standard " in discussing
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Hu Deping is in the cornstalk of undersecretary of ministry of battle of all of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Hu Yaobang " finance and economics " the 9th period on write civil memory, in May 1978 " practice is to examine the only standard of the truth " a few little-known detail after one article is published, pick ascend as follows.

On May 18, after dinner, father boasts state saw a few youths. After the guest goes, he says to me:

We " academic trends " next first phase should give, “ history tide and ” of one's heart still fluttering with fear. My this half an year comes

Be very of hearten, jump over Zhan Yueyong. …… examines the standard of the truth is social practice, this article is can of stop. I hope somebody comes refute, we write again after refute.

After a many month, “ wrote the promise of article of a ” to cash again. On June 30, the article is in " academic trends " the 70th period on publish, caption is billow of “ history tide surely forward ” .

The article says: In the time that in “ 4 people help ” mentalistic be current, created a kind of abominable atmosphere, disregard people's feeling at all, pay attention to the pulse that feels 4 people of “ to help ” technically, feel Jiang Qing's pulse, rely on alleged “ to feel mental ” to have a meal. Some people are felt feel, feel so that the odour of a bit Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought did not have. …… heart traditional Chinese clothes is worn people's person is the most powerful person, they go before fearless ground is ad cool-headed in a situation full of danger. The person that there is people in the heart is most weakling, final hard to avoid is flooded by historical billow or cast at the same time. This article, boast state comrade looked 5 times, comrade Hua Guofeng looked twice.

The public opinion at that time or with “ two always ” is dictate. But, " bright daily " , " People's Daily " , " the liberation army signs up for " not because publish " solid " civil, its president, editor in chief dismisses the punish that investigate and deal with sb; Boast state comrade also not because organize, lead, the work that promotes the Party school vice-president that this discusses and stops him and minister of central organization ministry. Its reason, it is ” of “ Culture Revolution after the end, still restored the vitality of a few democratic life within the party, political air does not have ” of “ Culture Revolution after all in horrible in that way dreariness. Of comrade of national sharp edge exercise restraint, lenient attitude also is quite important. Boast state comrade on August 18 a paragraph of talk of centrally Party school, should cause the historian's attention, he says: Wang Ren asks again China chairman, is practice to examine how is the standard of the truth to return a responsibility? China the chairman says, this is a serious problem, want to make clear Hunan, set out from unitive desire, achieve solidarity.
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