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Recollect Mao Zedong to talk " material can be divided indefinitely "
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One, Xu Tao's memory

Comrade Mao Zedong holds strong interest to science, having oneself distinctive opinion and think.

1953, I in those days many years old 20, be divided to the side of Chairman Mao to become sanitarian doctor. At that time chairman already 60 years old, he regards me as a young friend. In those days a autumn day, when the small courtyard that I am with the chairman before chrysanthemum sweet bookstore takes a walk, spoke of the problem of corporeal composition. Offer thing when respecting

It is the sense that makes by smaller part character when, the chairman says slowly: “ Mo Zi the smallest part that in BC 5 centuries put forward ‘ to carry ’ is compositive material, carry early than the foreigner. Chairman ” asks me: The Chui of one feet of “‘ , day takes his half, all ages not exhaust ’ , had you heard of this word? I say ” not to know. The chairman says: “ this out " village " . Allegedly benefit of planning gram of ancient Greek heart is atomistic main delegate especially. In ancient Greek, atom is impartible cut meaning. Archaic chemist to get used to the requirement of feudal monarch, produce touch a stone and turn it into gold or refine is immortal not old red, walked along evil ways, do not have development to atomic theory so, still think till 18 centuries atom cannot be divided again all the time. Here, the chairman asks me again: “ is ‘ atom impartible later is the argument of ’ how broken? The ” of “ cycle rate that I introduced Menjieliefu simply to the chairman and Courier couple are opposite ” the research of the radioelement, prove atomic interior still is having more complex structure ceaselessly. The chairman listens, with affirmative mood preach: You see “ their brains is good independence thinks, do not go with people brains, do not believe old before accepted theory or formulation, do not be afraid that celebrity is authoritative. When the atomic construction that ” says blessing of Lu a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument when me is academic, the chairman says: “ is this person discovers atom is comprise by nucleus and electron, or this person puts forward nucleus is the tentative plan that forms by proton and not electrified neutron. Chairman ” read the material of many science respects and book. He likes by shallow into deep, talk about a problem step by step. Then, the chairman raised a question again: Do you say “ can be this proton, neutron still divided again? Very affirmative ground says Chairman ” : “ no matter your letter is not believed, anyway material can be divided indefinitely, I am believed! ”

One day, the chairman asks me: Had you seen “ what is the least thing? I say ” to had seen the bacterium of size of a few micron below microscope. Then, he asks me again: Do you see “ cross element, atomic, nucleus? ” is apparent, the chairman pays close attention to remain matter infinite disjunctive problem.
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