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The triplet with Mao Zedong distinct personality makes instructions
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Mao Zedong is in the lifetime that leads Chinese revolution and construction, had made many comments. These written instructions lead the main component that volitional concentration is reflected and leads a thought as its, wait with a series of his speeches, article, epigraph same, have very strong politics sex, ideological content and directiveness not only, and have bright individual character, or consider the situation, take advantage of an opportunity and change, or a firm character behind a gentle appearance, retreat in order to advance, or platoon of blunt, force is numerous

Discuss, or avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, await this opportunity …… abstract to record 3 in order to provide dinner for reader.

One, “ agrees”

By July 1969, central the Political Bureau is backup change of committee member, the Anhui province appoint conference chairman, 12 army army commander Li Desheng moves the work central from Anhui. Zhou En will talk with him, make clear him to attend the routine meeting of the Political Bureau, attend group of business of the State Council and the Central Military Commission to handle affairs group, still make clear his “ to secure administrative the Central Military Commission to handle affairs of the group always politics working ” , the command that does not have director of the General Political Department of make known to lower levels all the time however [1] .

Somebody tells Li Desheng, before he works to Beijing, the Political Bureau has discussed to appoint him to be belong to the same organization of director of the General Political Department. At that time, vice Prime Minister of committee member of the Political Bureau, the State Council holds public security minister, the Central Military Commission concurrently to handle affairs Xie Fuzhi of the member that comprise expresses different desire, saying Li Desheng is to lead troops the person that fight, not be politicize job, do not suit to do politics to work [2] . Mao Zedong is very grouchy to Xie Fuzhi's speech, raise rhetorical question at once: “ Li Desheng does not suit, are you appropriate? ”[3]

According to the convention, of Li Desheng appoint formalities to should handle affairs by the the Central Military Commission group deal with. But, handle affairs by the pilot the Central Military Commission such as Huang Yongsheng, Wu Faxian, Xie Qun group of try every means are protracted do not do. The plan because of this decision and Lin Biao not be identical. 1959 after cottage hill conference, lin Biao chairs routine of the Central Military Commission central, its ambition expands increasingly, all the time seek counterpoises to the effective control of the General Political Department. In July 1967, in Lin Biao incendiary below, the General Political Department is bungled to rot by legionary rebel group “ ” . November, lin Biao directive handles affairs in the the Central Military Commission group of political work section, cadre is created below the group, supersede the function of the General Political Department. In October 1968, lin Biao announces to execute ” of control of “ military affairs to the General Political Department. During this, take up the post of director of the General Political Department to coming by who, lin Biao has a consideration. At that time, this 4 people are made in Huang Yongsheng, Wu Faxian, Li Zunpeng, Qiu Hui in, yellow administer the headquarters of the General Staff, qiu administer the General Logistics Department. Lin Biao's idea is from Wu Huo Li Er philtrum chooses an administer the General Political Department, such 3 headquarters master in his hand entirely. However, the thing is inferior to Lin Biao's meaning. Lin Biao of Mao Zedong put sb in a very important position, but keep alert again to him. Lin Biao appoint people by favouritism, mao Zedong is very dissatisfactory. Li Desheng enters a the Central Military Commission to handle affairs group, the Central Military Commission of “ fixed management handles affairs of the group always politics working ” , it is Mao Zedong's opinion. Hold the position of director of the General Political Department by Li Desheng, mao Zedong also is those who hold with [4] .
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