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On the history another says to go up truly " love Taiwan " person
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On the history, two say to go up truly the Anhui person of ” of “ love Taiwan, one is Liu Ming pass, one is Yao Ying. The Anhui fellow-townsman that I love Taiwan ” with there are these two “ on the history and deep think flourish. 20

5 years in October, I ever had written " on the history one says to go up truly the person of ” of “ love Taiwan " paper, commemorate Liu Ming to pass. This year Feburary, feng Yaoying takes up the post of Taiwan arms to fully 170 years when, then, my spy writes this article to introduce Yao Ying, draw up his achievement love a stage come, with declare publicly later generations. (the section is chosen)

Yao Ying (1785—1853) , anhui tung city sends Yao Nai (Ji Chuan) great-nephew and the person that get job, also be the generation successor that tung city appoints and spokesman. His Ceng San is spent go to a stage, hold the post of Taiwan county to make hold manage sea concurrently to prevent early or late know together, Malantong sentences Ga, Taiwan arms fully (Taiwan is highest at that time commissioner, in Feburary 1838 - in March 1843) . Came 1823 in March 1825, still should hold the post of Taiwan newly to know government office to just be passed (Che Qiu) invite, in stage assist its government affairs. Yao Ying holds a post in the stage what around amounts to 10 years is long, much to Taiwan contribution fine.

Fight flower keep a 5 war 5 get the better of

The Opium War erupted in June 1840. The Taiwan that British colonist sees China stays alone the East China Sea, point to the spearhead of aggression continuously Taiwan, be about to pursue the gangplank that Taiwan of race to control regards aggression as chinese mainland. The Yao Ying that Taiwan arms holds the post of to fully when and in coordination the total arms of defence amounts to big A, have early to this have an insight into and prevent, did serious accept a challenge to prepare, intensify build fortification, acquire arms ammunition. Their be prepared for danger in times of safety, “ pillow dagger prepares pay, ” of experienced brave fortify.

Arrived in July 1840 in March 1842, yao Ying guided Taiwan the army and the people to obtain “ in all 5 battle the 5 brilliant military successes that get the better of ” . Get the better of twice greatly among them: Was September 1841, cloth of button of flower naval vessel amounts to date to sail at that time Keelung harbor, heavy cannon strikes fort of 2 sanded bays and arms house. Chinese defending troops none give the impression of weakness, firm firm backstroke, british warship suffers inflict heavy losses on, in flee in disorder the strike a reef sinks, the army and the people of jade-like stone rate obtains Yao to be gotten the better of completely greatly; 2 was March 1842, ying Jian A installs insanity of arms of date carring capacity to atttack Taiwan to install harbor greatly, the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, arrogance aggressive. Yao Ying designs the ” with annihilate with “ of Da Hong A therefore, ying Jun naval vessel introduces “ key the land fair harbor of bristly ” , make its “ hard and fast when midstream ” , launch powerful offensive therefore, defeat Ying Bing greatly thereby. Get the better of twice this greatly, shoot dead Ying Jun in all many 130, captive more than 200, and capture is many weapon ammo.
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