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Beginning and end of contract enmity of He Long, Lin Biao
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At the beginning of 1942, he Long arrives Yan'an before long, because feeling is on bad terms, divorced with Qian Xianren. One day, bureau of northwest of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is mixed after a few leaders of joint defence army attend a meeting together, talk about the daily life of a family together, somebody spoke of Lin Biao talking about amative thing with the Xie Qun of woman university. The letter that He Long ever heard of to Xie Qun writes Lin Biao to her to express love looks to others, the identity with him drive up, very for Lin Biao defend sb against an injustice, think Xie Qun is done so, have the authority of caustic Lin Biao and reputation. Now

Hear everybody eristic this matter, say very grouchily: “ these small intellectual unreasonable, flirtatious, come with the popular trust that damages others and fame him drive up, should well example she is one! ”

Chen Zheng of minister of northwest bureau organization's person should be He Long of purpose old that month, take the chance to say to He Long: “ manager! I introduce a person to you, this person calls Xue Ming, it is the woman cadre that key of our northwest bureau fosters, allegedly she is familiar with Xiequnbi relatively and understand, does the manager see with her? ”

He Long thinks, think to be able to arouse Xue Ming goes criticizing critical Xie Qun, side Lin Biao also is a favour, acquiesced then.

1942 spring a Sunday, xue Ming comes to He Long's abode. He Long confirmed she and Xie Qun “ from inside Xue Ming talk is friend ” , say: You can go to “ tell her, like Lin Biao, with respect to He Linbiao marriage, do not like not to write a letter, do not want make public, make known his position clearly to refuse. You tell her, I say this. Old revolution, fight north and south on many fronts, go through fire and water, want not easily to marry a wife very much, make fun of mockingly again by, immoral! How do you think? ”

Very serious ground says Xue Ming: I agree with “ the opinion of congratulate manager, I can do this thing. ”

The opinion of dragon of congratulate of Xue Ming comply with, looked for Xie Qun technically to talk, conveyed He Long's view. On July 1, 1942, xie Qun and Lin Biao married.

Before long, motion of Yan'an rectification on incorrect styles of work is entered contrast examination, because Xue Ming compares understanding to Xie Qun, she stems from the sense of responsibility of a communist, one day, in arriving home Xiequnyao, cordial ground says to her: “ I am a communist, you also are a communist, the careful that now is rectification on incorrect styles of work does period, I hope you are active the ground fulfill did not perform procedure of join or be admitted to the party, who is introducer, in a variety of expression when Nanjing, and the relation that waits for a person with Kuomintang v/arc drillmaster and head of a county of abundant city county, if tell clear …… to the organization on the spot”
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