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Touch Yu Maoze east " 3 be afraid of " " be afraid of a tear "
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Mao Zedong is a great revolutionist that is full of belligerence not only, and also be bosom rich big, rich emotive person, beyond its kind, unplug its come together. Mao Zedong serves as the plain ordinary person of a sentimentality, his hard if the volition of steel is mixed,his kind-hearted and gentle moral nature is euqally bright, euqally intense. Bring about Mao Zedong to have “ consequently the spirit with the 5 indomitable revolution that do not fear ” , but in some sense he also has 3 to be afraid of: Be afraid of a tear; 2 be afraid of blood; 3 be afraid of call spare sb's life. This was on August 23, the ‘ that publishs in network of Chinese Communist news, problem to be “ Mao Zedong 3 be afraid of ’ : Be afraid of a tear, be afraid of the blood, circumstance that is afraid of the introduction in calling article of ” of spare sb's life.

“ of respecting Mao Zedong is afraid of lachrymal ” , he ever said to He Zizhen: My this individual does not love to weep at ordinary times, only indelicacy of 3 kinds of circumstances crosses tear. It is the cry that hears not to get poverty-stricken common people, see they weep, I also cannot help wanting to come to tears ……

The article was told about in May 1948, in take the sea-voyage eastward one day after the Yellow River, mao Zedong jeep, by the city Na Zhuang goes in Xi Baipo's road, the story of 89 years old of when in the village the roadside of the head discovers and rescue is terminally ill little girls. Sail beside the child when the car outdated, the person on the car sees that girl clear body upper cover wears to defeat clothes, body lower berth is worn cogongrass, double eye lock, complexion is sallow, bleed often outside in nose, had been about to die. The child's woman sits on the ground, touching small head of the child, distress ground is calling the child's name. The person all round looks at this pair of mother and daughter sympathetically, do not have what tweak. At this moment, mao Zedong lets driver Zhouxilin hastily car skid, and the first jumps down a car, the stride goes to the side of the child, crouch to feel the child's hand and forehead, enquire the child's illness, let doctor general when Mao Zedong only a collect carefully of remnant is very long after the penicillin that does not have be willing to part with or use to use used the child that fall ill to make the child gets rescued, defend the mother beside the child to stay to be opened slow-wittedly big eye, clang clang ground sheds tear downward. Plump grovel is in the ground suddenly, crying for: “ Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva that help! ”

Two tear spend Mao Zedong blurred, tear is in orbit revolve, he is busy face about bades Doctor Zhu: You are used from the back that car sends this mother and daughter to come home. Observe again, the child does not have a thing you come back again. Later, speak of that child and weeping mother every time, mao Zedong eye socket always should float red: Also do not know that child now how? Bring her it is good to treat a paragraph …… he sighs with emotion for many times: The farmer is short of cure little medicine, be troubled by a disease to run a few lis do not look to go up doctor, want a method let a doctor go to the country. Ate the grain that the farmer plants to treat a disease for the farmer with respect to this!
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