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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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After incident of 13 ” Lin Biao produces 9 · of “ , face the concussion of whole society, the problem that Mao Zedong must run away with respect to the successor betray one's country of his place make choice of does an examination to explain to entire party throughout the country. Although wool place is done self-criticism is not right the integral mistake guiding principle of Culture Revolution make essential sex change, but his this kind makes known his position, make Zhou En will inside a period master the active advantageous position of negative Culture Revolution however, debtor maintains the aircraft of the job central, begin to turn round the countrywide disorder situation that Culture Revolution creates.

The “ that Lin Biao betray one's country runs away 13 incident of 9 · ” , give Mao Zedong with very big stimulation, make half his the middle of a month a lot of more anile, resembling was to change a person. Arrive from September 1971 in Feburary 1972, he weighs ill show effect twice. It is sex of great part of a historical period at first pneumonic, keep coughing, sit on sofa, night cannot sleep, grow lobar sore point eventually, appear even anoxic and insensible. After breaking out for the first time, till October 8 Cai Mian raises ill body to enter pragmatic activity, interview · a place of strategic importance of Er of Ethiopia emperor sea to pull on the west. He says: “ is early before a few weeks, I had died because of heart disease, god went, saw god, came back again now. The pathology with so bad ” , mao Zedong never passed in the past. Before long, erupted more critical again, namely on Feburary 12 the sudden shock of before dawn. Sister Wu Xujun is beside desperately call, see he does not have any reaction, feel pulse, zhang Yufeng and doctor introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Xu Dong say pair of asp coming secretaries: The inject that “ does not feel ……” of arteries and veins to pass numerous expert about more than 20 minutes, massage, beat rescue of back, infusion, of Mao Zedong facial gradually by purple extensive rose reddish, bosom is indistinct also feel rise and fall. He opened an eye slowly eventually, know oneself just are fastened with Azrael word, say very tiredly: I am like “ slept shut-eye. After ” weighs disease from this, his body state also did not get resumptive again, it is difficult to walk, full day lies on the bed partly, rely on to suck oxygen infusion to maintain.

In fact, mao Zedong this serious defect, on since human body, also be spirit go up. Grow Chen Changjiang's memory according to Mao Zedong's posse, mao Zedong complexion blacks or yellow-changeable in those days, one face haze, it is fretted, it is Mondayish, make the person considers hard. He sees bodyguard people also unlike talks actively in that way former days, ask this asks that, who to see without giving thought to however, board move face, say without a word, heavy-hearted. After all, how to explain Lin Biao's problem to entire party throughout the country, already became a megalith to be pressed in Mao Zedong's mind. Apparent, early days of only support Culture Revolution the sort of announcing the means of the counter-revolutionary group that uncover hides, it is not to have decretal whole nation far, and even of whole world be convinced. After all under one person, the Lin Biao over 10 thousand people is he props up single-handed the successor that rise. In the process that communicating charges in an indictment of Lin Biao group, ceaseless newspaper comes the different reaction of each district happening: State committee of planning army when communicating the announcement that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China runs away about Lin Biao betray one's country to cadre of bureau class above on behalf of Su Jing, did not encounter accidentally beyond before the sort of hallooing the setting that catchword answers ardently, face deathly to become silent however, a long time, still rang to cry even in the cadre sound. When company of some field army communicates this circumstance, even the soldier pulls open rifle bolt angrily on the spot, should beat dead frame a case against of that “ on the stage the “ rascal ” of Vice-chairman Lin ” . Such a variety of, no matter be “ sad not be more than heart dead ” or reject to admit reality, all sorts of reaction are delivering him Mao Zedong of stifling explosive potential —— to must to the whole nation an examination is explained.
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