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The triplet with Mao Zedong distinct personality makes instructions
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Later, the person such as Huang Yongsheng handles affairs with the the Central Military Commission the name of the group wrote a report to Mao Zedong and the Party Central Committee: “ suggests Comrade Li Desheng holds the post of the General Political Department the first vice director or director ” . Their tendentiousness and wishful thinking not character is axiomatic. Wanted Mao Zedong to draw a circle only, they can be pressed act accordingly article convention, appoint Li Desheng to take up the post of the first post on the report, for the General Political Department the first vice director, later again camera nomination appoints Wu Faxian or Li Zunpeng is a director. To Lin Biao a group intention, mao Zedong affirms see clearly. He approved two words in the unexpectedly on the report: “ agrees with ” . As to agree with Li Desheng to hold the position of which post, he was not made clear. Central general office approve a go back the Central Military Commission to handle affairs group, the the Central Military Commission handles affairs group be at a loss [5] .

On December 10, 1969, li Desheng is made clear to hold the post of director of the General Political Department again in the center of, requirement the Central Military Commission handles affairs group by this conduction newspaper approves procedure. After 4 months, of Li Desheng hold a post the command just is announced to horse and foot [6] .

2, “ issue as before”

On September 13, 1971 before dawn, the person such as Lin Biao, Xie Qun falls dead to be in exotic its countryside. Be opposite in process of check of Lin Biao incident, air force institute has a staff member of little dining room to give working group a notebook. The armed coup that the n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine such as bristly fruit finishs the son that this notebook is Lin Biao plans —— " summary of “571 project ” " (the following abbreviation " summary " ) .

According to Li Wei the letter is explained, on March 18, 1971, bristly fruit is in Shanghai to new letter of wild, Li Wei says: “ foundation is current condition, want to imagine a coup to plan ” . Want week of Yu Chi 20 days to hurry to Shanghai to participate in from Beijing at the same time discuss. 21 days, letter of Yu Chi of bristly fruit, week, Yu Xinye, Li Wei discusses its issue together. They analysed a situation, think to be inside countrywide limits, power influence of Lin Biao takes absolutely advantage, it is best opportunity, but the likelihood is weakened gradually. The ” of “ bookman force such as Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan is developing, the trend is to use Zhang Chunqiao, the possibility that Zhang Dai replaces Lin Biao is the largest. To problem of ” of “ carry on, they think to 3 plant likelihood: It is peace transfers, 2 it is the class that be grabbed, 3 it is to grab a class ahead of schedule. The way that scrapes a class to be able to adopt ahead of schedule has two: Or Zhang Chunqiao one group is gotten rid of, maintain Lin Biao the position is changeless, again peace transfers; Or Mao Zedong of direct plot a murder. They decide: Strive for peace to transfer, had made the preparation of armed uprise. Do two things above all: It is to write a plan, it is with fostering a cadre to be the name establishs a training unit. Plan code name thought for ages, bristly finally fruit decides the homophonic according to ” of “ armed uprise, call “571 project ” the plan [7] .
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