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Hua Guofeng is in " truth standard " in discussing
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Comrade Hua Guofeng regards the Central Committee of Communist Party of China as premier of the State Council and chairman of chairman, the Central Military Commission central at that time, be in top leader position. He thinks to have thought difference within the party, should emphasize uniting; Within the party the accuse and denounce at a meeting that difference initiated different point of view, he emphasizes wanting to set out from unitive desire; To the discussion of truth standard problem, he considers as an academic problem, want to make clear Hunan. He does not have violent rage more, not plan a sequential phasic jumble blunder. Contrary, he returned the mistake that is his to make self-criticism after, the requirement stops a variety of pair of conduct propaganda that the individual adores.

1978 the end of the year, during the the Central Working Conference, comrade Hua Guofeng tells: I was to issue determination to call everybody the speech, since invited everybody, be about to let everybody speak, draw on the wisdom of the masses.

This kind of democratic mind of Comrade Hua Guofeng and style, at that time also be commendable, everybody can be also accomplished.

Do not know today's kid still has how many person to remember Comrade Hua Guofeng, understanding Comrade Hua Guofeng, I and my person that be the same as era remembers him for certain. In the party 15 go up greatly, be elected afresh with full when Comrade Hua Guofeng when be the committee member central, full-court noise removes enthusiastic applause.

Boast state comrade and Comrade Hua Guofeng ever had the opportunity of collective job 4 times. Work jointly for the first time, it is in Xiangtan of the Communist Party of China perfectural Party committee begins “ 4 clear ” move, collective job is as long as two people one year half long. Ko after 4 people of “ help ” , they the first time meet, comrade Hua Guofeng asks boast state the comrade: We are in Xiangtan 4 Qing Dynasty of “ ” , chairman Mao comes Changsha, want to hear our report, how didn't you come? Boast state responds: At that time I in the country, catch a cold again, be afraid of infect a chairman; Moreover, some problems, I also did not want to be clear about, afraid chairman puts questions, I reply not to come out. Hua Guofeng says: Should come, I catch a cold to also want to come.

Father has told this conte to me, who do I know up to now to who wrong, will also be opposite, will not also cannot say incorrect. The great career that two people start to the Chinese Communist, it is faithful not of change.

On the Central Working Conference that holds when annual bottom, discuss of problem of ” of “ truth standard greatly those who obtain entire party is general approbate, brought the thought have a bowel movement of entire party to put. Late on November 25, boast state comrade returns the home, speak of his impressions gladly: The anguish that Chinese people suffers and disaster changed the arousal of whole today nation. What calls “ a person of foresight ” ? Have a meaning only actually, it is the thought precedes one prepare, action foregone one pace, the person that does not want to go ahead so also should go …… of this one pace to be on a dikes and dams accordingly, one hoe opens Hua Guofeng a breach, historical tide breachs separation after all how old, this should see people's strength completely, everybody cannot estimate beforehand.
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