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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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In December, he mirrors the incoming letter written instructions that “ fascist does to examine ” in the jail to say to Liu Jianzhang's family member: This plants “ the checkup of fascist type means, whose person provision be? Should uniform abolish. ”

In January 1973, li Desheng communicated Mao Zedong to be aimed at the directive that destroys phenomenon of policy towards nationalities to make: “ policy issue was not caught for years, especially policy towards nationalities. Local nationalism is less now, did not highlight, but principle of big the Han nationality is bigger, need reeducate. ”

Although these self-criticism of Mao Zedong are mixed,the change of essential sex is made on wrong without the whole in the Great Cultural Revolution guiding principle, also did not reflect a wide-awake recognition, some views more do not accord with historical fact, for example he says the total backstage supporter of ” of “ full-scale civil war is Lin Biao, dan Maoze east these making known one's position, make Zhou En will inside certain period master the active advantageous position of negative Culture Revolution really. (Shi Yun is picked from " cold war history studies international " , normal University press publishs Hua Dong)

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