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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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Came 22 days on December 12, 1973, mao Zedong is sure on conference of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China Zhu De is ” of “ red commander again, made self-criticism. He says: I see “ Comrade He Long made a mistake, I want to be in charge of. ”“ wants to reverse a verdict, otherwise little He Long is bad. Poplar, beyond, Fu Ye wants to reverse a verdict, lin Biao is done. I was to listen to Lin Biao the statement of only one of the parties, so I made a mistake. Xiaoping is told, be in Shanghai when, make abrupt raid to Luo Ruiqing, he is dissatisfactory. I hold with him. Also be the word that heard Lin Biao, rectified Luo Ruiqing. ”“ has a few times listen to the statement of only one of the parties, be bad. Do bit of self-criticism to comrades. ”

Mao Zedong still gave to a few practices in the Great Cultural Revolution negative.

On October 4, 1971, when he is interviewing member of conference of office of central the Central Military Commission, say: 4 good exercise do “ formalism, lead army way bad, want a change. ”“ army should train strictly, strict requirement, ability fights. Exercise army, it is to rely on to fight, it is to rely on to train at ordinary times. ” Lin Biao, Chen Baida organizes conspiratorial activity, premeditate long already, the purpose wants seize power namely; A few Laoshuai are rectified in the Great Cultural Revolution, also be forest, old they do. He points out: Want to rectify our army well, brains does not want too simple. After this, be admired in the “ that begins in the liberation army motion of ” of 5 good soldiers stops ” of 4 good company, “ namely substantially in those days undertake.

On November 22, he speaks of the lesson that produces Lin Biao event saying when interviewing delegacy of Vietnam party card: Past army is skimble-scamble! My this individual made a mistake, after going into town namely without giving thought to legionary. The result makes hilltop doctrine, also make sectarian doctrine. (you) in the future peace, do not learn us to make a mistake. They still excuse me now, allow me to correct an error. From last year in August since cottage hill conference, this year is much, I corrected an error, rectify our army.

June 1972, the first time when he is interviewing sri lanka premier Mrs. Bandalanaike chose Lin Biao's name external, extremely critically group of “ left ” says:

We this country also somebody scolds us, saying is whole left-wing. What is our “ left-wing ” a few people? It is those people of agency of England of baked wheaten cake. Should Ko today premier, will Ko tomorrow Chen Yi, will Ko the day after tomorrow Xie Jianying. Left-wing ” is in these alleged “ now jail within. Here early big chaos of a few years of the world, countrywide each district is hit, full-scale civil war. Both sides sends a gun, altogether sent 1 million guns. Army of this one clique supports this one group, army of that one clique supports that one group, hit. By those “ left-wing ” seized power. A half moon (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) authority is not in our hand, in those so called “ in left-wing ” hand. These alleged “ are left-wing ” , it is counter-revolutionary actually. …… does not have how many problem, a few months went, went a few years, the person of total tiring-room also went now, call Lin Biao. Sit a plane goes toward Russia, its purpose is infer god. Fall, see god went.
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