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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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On August 1, 1972, after Deng Xiaoping listened the 4th times to relay the report of Lin Biao incident, carry a pen to write a letter to Mao Zedong again. Say in the letter: I am in “ after making a mistake, break away from the job completely, break away from a society already 5 years many fast 6 years, I always want to have an opportunity, correct oneself error from inside the job, the proletarian revolution course that returns a chairman comes up. ”“ still can think laborer of party, humanness is made 7, 8 years, in order to fill too in case. I do not have other requirement, static await chairman and center instruction. ”

On August 14, mao Zedong exposes the incoming letter of critically Lin Biao to make written instructions to Deng Xiaoping, give affirmative:

After asking a premier to read, in the center of print and distribute of the director that hand in bark each comrade. It is serious that place of Comrade Deng Xiaoping makes a mistake. But should try to distinguish with Liu Shaoji. (one) his centrally revive the area is to endure whole, namely Deng, wool, wither, ancient one of 4 malefactor, it is the chief that alleged wool appoints. The material that makes him sees " two lines " , " 6 big since " two books. Appear personally the person that does him is piece of Wen Tian. (2) he does not have historical problem. Had not surrendered namely the enemy. (3) it is capable that he assists Comrade Liu Baicheng to fight, have meritorious military service. Besides, after going into town, also a favour was not done. Lead delegacy to negotiate to Moscow for example, he did not succumb Yu Suxiu. I had said these things for many times in the past, say again now.

That day, zhou En will chair meeting of the Political Bureau central, communicated Mao Zedong's written instructions. Deng small be pacified gives can be expected soon.

Since 1972, mao Zedong is made written instructions respectively on the incoming letter of the veteran cadre of frame a case against and blow and family member early or late in a batch, agree with Chen Yun to answer Beijing, indicate pair of Tan Zhenlin, Luo Ruiqing, Tan Zheng, Yang Chengwu, Li Yimang, Su Zhenhua, Lin Feng, Xie Fei, Wu Leng on the west, Shu Tong, , or emancipatory extensive go back to work is made, or make arrangement according to take into consideration the circumstances of property of people interior contradiction. He does self-criticism to say in written instructions: “ listened at that time ” of Lin Biao the statement of only one of the parties, “ some evidence are insufficient, handle a case personnel is like have a few obtain confessions by compulsion and give them credence. ” is special still the incoming letter that approved Chen Yun, Wang Jiaxiang to ask to undertake economy and external affairs investigate the work, indicate Zhou En technically to come again, tan Zhenlin “ still is good comrade, ought to let him come back ” .
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