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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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From 1969 by “ combat readiness scattered ” arrives Jiangxi, deng Xiaoping all the time very careful ground goes house countryside. Differ with the Liu Shaoji that is Koed at the same time, he is maintaining indirect connection with Mao Zedong actually through Wang Dongxing. This kind of condition is arranged by Mao Zedong's intent of course, he is buried over it is OK to issued the castle that reinstate restricts Lin Biao. In road of the make one's rounds austral September 1971, mao Zedong criticizes Lin Biao in severity while, look again be like pair of innocently military region commanders that be present to say: “ Deng Xiaoping is different from Liu Shaoji, want to have distinction, 1 million powerful army cross great river, there is a the front committee at that time, still basically be Deng Xiaoping is effective. ” and Deng Xiaoping also very sensible ” ground notices “ not politics of be involved in is vortical. On September 13, 1970, he is mixed to Mao Zedong in Jiangxi in the center of write a letter, ask Wangdong to promote pass on. In the letter, besides to the Communist Party of China that just held 9 2 in plenary meeting does routine outside making known one's position, deng Xiaoping emphasizes him “ be being mixed except the residence particularly outside going to a factory, did not leave hospital half pace. Every sky factory, cadre yellow comrade follows with. We do not have …… external other contact, correspond with a few children only. ”1971 year on November 6, deng Xiaoping listens for the first time permissibly transmit the document central, run away about Lin Biao namely be related. After two days, he carries a pen to write a letter to Mao Zedong again, to Lin Biao “ the Babylon action ”“ of those even death cannot atone for the offence feels very astonish and indignant ” , the lead that if because chairman and center are brilliant,not be,shows “ and ground of as soon as possible are aware of, and try in time solve, if their plot prevails, …… does not know to be able to have fall to the ground of how many poll, more or less can be our socialism motherland mixed zigzag by catastrophic. ” he takes the opportunity, declare in Jiangxi “ chairman of my comply with is indicated again, pass labor and study self-remoulding hard, abide by what I make to the party to assure absolutely, outside the relative that divides oneself, did not have contact with anybody. ” is in eventful autumn, this kind of “ defends custom ” making known one's position is Deng Xiaoping scrambles smallness best way. He writes finally: What doesn't “ my individual have to ask, hope to still can be a party to do bit of work one day only, it is the work that does character of a bit technology of course. …… makes I have an opportunity to be able to fill in work hard too in case. ” is believed this also is Lin Biao be in after incident lonely medium Mao Zedong is willing to see very much, although the layer is led to express to support Mao Zedong again and again after Lin Biao incident in the center of at that time, but he still suspects after all what person still has with Lin Biao in the dark connection, or it is to prepare to use this one incident to his rise in revolt, he needs a person that is without a relation with this one incident thoroughly. Accordingly, deng Xiaoping's letter got benign response very quickly. Interrogatory Wangdong promotes Mao Zedong: “ you how without giving thought to family? ” directive: “ his thing even Wang Dongxing is in charge of. ” and approve Deng Xiaoping incoming letter imprint the Political Bureau central. The swan goose of come-and-go expresses feeling, there was a result in the 2nd year eventually.
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