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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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After Chen Yi dies, come according to Zhou En with a few Laoshuai consultative opinion, program of make funeral arrangement and it is the admiral and deputy chief of the general staff, marshal military rank that compares Chen Yi and vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission only all low the Li Tianyou of two class is identical, norms slightly tall. Suggest to attend a memorial meeting Zhou En comes, Xie Jianying, Zhang Chunqiao, Li Xiannian, Li Desheng, Ji Dengkui, Wang Dongxing, Xu Xiangqian, Nie. Xie Jianying condoles. Zhou En will make clear: Because weather is too cold, jiang Qing, Song Qingling does not attend. Dan Jiangqing expresses to be able to attend. As a result of in the center of still rehabilitate formally without refluent in Feburary to “ ” , how is memorial written? Nobody are willing to make known one's position. On January 8, zhou En will examine memorial of modification Chen Yi to stalk of grain, still increased have rendered great service of Chen Yi “ carefully to also had had, but result a paragraph of character that has been more than ” . Mao Zedong cancel Zhou En will fill this paragraph of written script, written instructions: The comment of “ desert, unfavorable make on the memorial meeting. ”1 month 10 days midday, mao Zedong changes the specification of inferior memorial meeting that the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China decides formerly suddenly temporarily, in bedgown outer garment is worn the coat was risking severe cold to attend memorial meeting of Shan Chenyi of Beijing eight treasures personally. Receive the Song Qingling that enters a license and a batch of democratic personages and Kampuchea temporarily haing exert overcomes infante to wait to also come on the west attend. The memorial meeting changes You Zhouen to condole.

Compare with the died on March 26 Xie Fuzhi after two months, although do not have,obtain of the Chen Yi that is not committee member of the Political Bureau central any more to death Tian An Men, new and other places of China door, Ministry of Foreign Affairs falls the ceremony of half-mast, after the special honour —— that got more important Mao Zedong attends a memorial meeting personally however dies from allowing to assist 1950, the memorial meeting that Mao Zedong attends only this. This is an important signal, showed wool is right he in former years of the comrade-in-arms approbate afresh. He is shedding a tear to say to Zhang Qian: “ Comrade Chen Yi is a good person, established meritorious service. ”“ if conspiratorial put through of Lin Biao, it is to want us these old people get rid of. ”

Talk this in eight treasures hill in, mao Zedong still mentioned Deng Xiaoping in public, place on a par Deng and the Liu Baicheng that hold the post of committee member of the Political Bureau central at that time, saying Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoji is distinguishing, it is ” of contradiction of “ people interior. This is a more important signal. The relative that attendant Zhou En will come to to allude Chen Yi instantly goes out this evaluation transmission, the reappearing that is Deng Xiaoping produces public opinion.
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