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"913 " the Mao Zedong after Lin Biao incident
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Historical process is medium since pondering the Great Cultural Revolution hard, mao Zedong is determined to express somewhat to his mistake eventually. It is a form with critically Lin Biao, he has a few errors that reservation admits and corrected his for many times, make self-criticism, the “ that the directive corrected Culture Revolution early days to make is refluent in Feburary the unjust verdict such as ” , Deng Xiaoping, support Zhou En to manage the job central.

On November 14, 1971, mao Zedong is interviewed join chief of Chengdu area informal discussion, his “ was mirrorred to still hold the lute in the arms in the talk the contradictory state of mind of ” of half block face.

Mao Zedong (pointing to Xie Jianying to say) : You do not tell his “ again refluent in Feburary ” . Is “ refluent in Feburary what property is ” ? It is they cope with Lin Biao, Chen Baida, Wang Guanqi. That king closes relative, 516 ” of “ , should Ko everything, include premier, Laoshuai. Laoshuai people have energy of life! Send bit of complaint. They are to be on the conference of the party, open, be troubled by Huairentang greatly! Defect is some, you made a noise also is possible. It is good to will tell with me. It is not clear to await us to also be done in those days. Wang Guanqi has not been exposed come out. Some problems just should make clear Hunan a lot of years.

Zhou En comes: Yang Chengwu does large tree to uphold absolutely authority especially later, also be woods young tiger, li Zunpeng made a speech fiercer, scarcely reasonable.

Mao Zedong: The problem makes clear Hunan, be forest of support, did a 516 ” of what “ , ko everything. Do so that this a few people cannot analyse quite excellent, carry do not come at first. 8 12 in plenary meeting, chen Yi all spills sewage toward him body, I say you were not told. Is Yang Yong how one and the same? Why should be Liao Hansheng caught? Yang Yong Lin Biao support does this business, forest had said to me, after the event does not admit again. It is good that …… person is killed less still. We are not killed to counter-revolutionary, save rise beneficial to the party, because they are vivid evidence. Kuomintang arrests the Liu Shaoji, person that tries Liu Shaoji, the person that arrests Chen Baida, adjudgement Chen Baida is living still, these are evidence.

Although the history proves, 516 corps ” is without Lin Biao and “ implication, “ is refluent in Feburary also basically Jiang Qing makes ” event one group, but important is, the Laoshuai that Mao Zedong announced to be early days of ” of “ Culture Revolution to cover loss secondhand with this means people rehabilitate, yang Yong of commander of former Beijing military region, politics appoint Liao Hansheng also is released from inside lock up.

The real intent that because still feel not clear Mao Zedong,this makes known his position, xie Jianying is done not have all the time to ever was by stigmatize “ is refluent in Feburary cancered Chen Yi communicates ” of black able person, body these opinions of wool. Till January 6, 1972, the Zhou En that Mao Zedong works to coming round to exchange views again comes, Xie Jianying says: The between test when refluent in Feburary ’ passes “‘ , do not have this thing at all, will not want retell ‘ henceforth refluent in Feburary ’ . Ask you to be communicated to Comrade Chen Yi. ” Xie Jianying just hurries to the Chen Yi during sick into death be dying is being informed before sickbed hurriedly. However, chen Yi is already senseless, after a few hours die.
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