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Beginning and end of contract enmity of He Long, Lin Biao
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Language of very few number, expose him as clear as dayly to He Long's wild ambition: If your He Long supports me, go with me, your problem is OK decrescent; If object me, your problem can greaten. A word, your issue size, be opposite in you completely the manner of my Lin Biao.

He Long laughs, calm ground says: “ forest always, my revolution is so old, who to support, who to object, are you not clear still? In the center of whose opposition, Chairman Mao, who do I object; Who supports the Party Central Committee, Chairman Mao, who do I support! ”

He Long's word hit Lin Biao all the time the anxiety of closely guard a secret: He is when the Red Army is difficult, ever was opposite the future of the Red Army expresses pessimism. For this, mao Zedong wrote a letter to Lin Biao, the problem changes to be after " the fire of star, can set the prairie ablaze " , designation criticized him; It is after conference of abide by justice, lin Biao puts forward Mao Zedong to won't lead army again, want others to replace; The War of Resistance Against Japan begins, he every go to the view …… that pussyfoot supports wool lustre Dong Liubing to guard Shan Ganning revolutionary turn juncture, always be the same as Mao Zedong off the beat. So, although He Long's word does not have lays bare, but make Lin Biao shudders.

Because two people do not have common language, he Long rises leisurely say good-bye.

After this, lin Biao becomes aggravated the ground engineers a variety of persecuting conspiratorial activity of He Long. September 1967 the first ten days of a month, lin Biao thinks the opportunity that examines congratulate dragon put on record already arrived, he incites Xie Qun on September 7 the conference of meet and discuss of centrally raises this matter. On September 11, a You Jiangqing, Kang Sheng, Chen Baida and Xie Qun are cosignatory, the requirement establishs case group to investigate He Long's report, via Lin Biao evacuation of make a circle round one's name on a document submitted for approval to show that one has read it arrives over there Mao Zedong. On September 13, “ of Mao Zedong written instructions agrees with ” . That day, ” of group of case of “ congratulate dragon holds water formally. After this, he Long falls completely into the evil hands of group of counter-revolutionary of Lin Biao, Jiang Qing.

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