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Beginning and end of contract enmity of He Long, Lin Biao
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Xie Qun listens. Crossed a face instantly, shrill voice cries: Should you do “ what? You take the advantage of Lin Biao to not be in the home, you had beaten dead me! ” is caught blubber, full even ground rolls about make a scene.

Xue Ming sees her this appearance, also be enraged, say: “ is good, you are not willing to talk, that follows you to constituent ministry to talk, the Party member organizes this to talk to the party! ” then, with respect to ministry of the group in pulling Xie Qun, wang Heshou came out to recieve them. Because Xie Qun is Lin Biao's wife, inconvenience of king crane birthday makes known his position easily. His cautiously says to Xue Ming: This thing wants “ to report to superior, you go back first! ”

This thing alarmed He Long and Lin Biao. He Long hurrieds back hurriedly from front, strong Xue Ming gets angry: Do you do “ what variety? Who called you to catch Xie Qun? ” Xue Ming is very sober, xiang Helong reported the problem on Xie Qun history in detail. Passed a little while, he Long's gas also disappear, say to Xue Ming: The campaign with so big “ , have suspicion, exposure comes out also is right. Already such, aboveboard, do not have what alarming, let an organization investigate! ”

Lin Biao looks very again to this thing, very rusty, also hurried back hastily from ahead Yan'an. Xie Qun sees Lin Biao, install so that be not members of standing committee to bend, ground of embellish a story to his complain tearfully. Indrawn always Lin Biao also moved irascibility, scold loudly: “ fuck, father bleeds in front fight, you are in rear the wife ……” that does me he a Yu Helong of this thing vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame, with wife Xie Qun wrote down He Long and Xue Ming this Zhang.

After He Long takes up the post of commander of joint defence army to Yan'an, mao Zedong mentions a few things on Lin Biao history with him, include initial stage of war of resistance against aggression to not be willing to take the job of arms Yan'an, lin Biao interviews the expression when to wait in stone of Luoyang Jiang interpose. This thing, did not know how to be known by Lin Biao later, became his sore point that goes be not being dropped together. From now on, a knot in one's heart that Lin Biao and He Long do not understand below two knots. This also became Lin Biao to use ” of “ the Great Cultural Revolution to move later, want the main history account of a deathtrap of congratulate dragon park.

On September 10, 1966 morning, he Long takes a car to go straight towards people congress hall continuously from inside the home. He is about “ according to Mao Zedong you can be visited, ask for the directive of ” of concerned comrade opinion, will visit Lin Biao, those who seek an opinion.

After greeting, he Long shows one's purpose in coming.

silent a little while, lin Biao seemed what to remember suddenly, installing casual look to have apparent minatory sex however, say: “ should say to have, also so little, namely, your problem but can small, main is to will want to note a problem henceforth, who to support, who to object. ”
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