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Liu Huan: Produced great change to the self-identity of popular music now
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New capital signs up for: Music of popularity of that paragraph of time greeted a small climax, namely so called 94 the Cenozoic Era.

Liu Huan: Can calculate 1994 going up is outback popularity musical industry is small when trying Niu Dao. If there can be betterer environment at that time, I think the progress later will be better. Later turned “ into end an agreement 1995 year ” , because we are very much,also be greatly the thing is newly established, the system that make is not perfect also, a lot of acceptance cannot cash cause. That period is indicating we began to have record industry, one step comes.

New capital signs up for: Popular music from be denounced by public opinion, to become now popular means of recreation of a kind of mainstream, mix in public opinion ideological on what position does the popular music nowadays hold?

Liu Huan: Inchoate what we can have convection travel music is critically, the social idea that at that time is whole still comes over without change. Arrive to also still can the evening party limits popular music proportion now actually. This also give no cause for more criticism, because still have the very much other item such as essay, quyi after all. Nowadays, I feel right to the self-identity of popular music feels, had produced tremendous change. We can have seen in the TV station the popular song of whole platform is met, this is in before is inconceivable. And we are a lot of righter the view of new work also gradually normal rise, for instance Hip - the popularity of Hop, have various views, such ability are normal.

New capital signs up for: Beijing had become a center of Chinese popularity music nowadays, can prospective harbor, stage, inland have very big change in the position of Chinese popularity musically?

Liu Huan: Hong Kong and Taiwan still still has the capacity that make now, and still maintain on level, it is us only here the market is better, so some music person can choose to come over. Beijing these year of the level rise and so big without 90 time end. But the popular music that if should say inland,makes enters Hong Kong and Taiwan and hold large market share I feel to still be vogue early. Market other people of the family has very good protection. Consequence of actor past conduct propaganda is being controlled very abstinently by local media. And we here contrary however, media is chased after hold outside actor or artist in both hands, do not support each other however between oneself not buy it, such posture is not turned round, be no good absolutely. And I believe, the popular music that the media of Taiwan also won't believe him for certain is done with respect to feel well Euramerican, but they still are met the actor that force holds out him. As to Euramerican, the sort of harmonious degree of their popular industry is we are unthinkable. In that way environment, just bring up a giant star more likely to come.

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