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Liu Huan: Produced great change to the self-identity of popular music now
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This is a very big change. Although somebody denounces later,it compares on earth, technology a lot of things to still do not understand. But at least the sound that they give out ourselves.

New capital signs up for: In 90 time inchoate, capital of a few Hong Kong and Taiwan entered inland, appeared cliff of the earth, demon this kind company. They also rolled out person of very influential at that time music of a few inland, how do you see resource of these Hong Kong and Taiwan be in outback action?

Liu Huan: If say musical person,I feel, it is the comparison that comes over 56 this years from Hong Kong and Taiwan actually much. Because of the reason of the market. And come in at that time more it is a few companies that make, they bring us, it is a few more standard methods that make. But real creative work, no matter demon cliff 3 outstanding still be Ai Jing, still be the native land creation of ourselves.

New capital signs up for: The media environment that record industry faces in China nowadays wants than that 1986 time far complex, publicize the diversification with unprecedented access, recreational resource is very more than expanding so also at the same time. A few what kind of problems is the record industry in environments of such a media facing?

Liu Huan: Inchoate, actually TV still is a very important transmission channel.

At that time the sale of disc is to should look greatly be in on TV sow what kind of thing, also won't appear otherwise in those days the sort of condition that reverses the cassette that sings foreign teleplay theme song to sell greatly. Now our transmission passageway diversification, but also appeared a very big question. That is lacked between all sorts of conduct propaganda access namely harmonious.

Take TV, broadcast, network these a few can the channel of phonate is told, mutual the harmonious sex between is very poor. The key of the TV station is his evening party show, concern with disc not quite. Broadcasting station has his pop chart, also not very show respect for. The synergic relationship that broadcasting station appears to follow record industry wants a few bigger. The network is hold back it seems that sufficient strong the record industry that should pound a tradition. Our power is originally limited, these propagandist access mutual between irreconcilable make our record industry faces very great difficulty. Manner of our planar paper intermediary also has a problem, foreign stuff came we turned free conduct propaganda into the machine it seems that, and insufficient however to indigenous actor support.

Chinese popularity did not come situation

Outback lord is vogue early

New capital signs up for: Is outback record industry from when to rise had propagandist consciousness?

Liu Huan: I feel to should say is 90 time begin first. The propagandist access at that time is limited also, pilot is stricter also. Before everybody is more the condition that is an emerge of itself and perish of itself, without conduct propaganda, it is what thing fire later, everybody is fooled and go up, got finished to calculate next. 1996 when, everybody had propagandist consciousness eventually, of disc run cost inside much also propagandist charge this one. Arrived at that time, our conduct propaganda just was on orbit truly.
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