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Liu Huan: Produced great change to the self-identity of popular music now
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Be just like you to be in home is pure make jazz, how to live? A lot of things are have to ability such.

New capital signs up for: It is the intermediate dot in these 20 years almost, your autograph makes an appointment with Suo Ni disc.

That paragraph of time also is a phase that abroad record company enters inland in succession, once actor of rife inland a gleam of is brought about by these abroad record companies below the door. Look now later, you how is look upon abroad disc these year of development in inland?

Liu Huan: I sign Yaosuoni also is thing of nearly 10 years. Look now later, they imagine so ideally at the outset without us in outback development. Of course their enter advantage to exist for certain, the development of whole to us industry is to have those who promote. They were brought run means normally to wait a moment, I believe future still is met for certain develop to good way. We come 20 this years, did too much business.

CBS does " Buddhist nun of hundred years all alone " inside a dish, a when collected me " of love but " . What that dish collects is arrive from 1899 1999 the work during this. That is to say, till finally 5 years, just produced a bit impact with us. I am begin to enter this ring from 1986, we did the thing that the family does more than 100 years in time of more than 20 years, I feel we are accomplished now this level has been to be worth affirmation very much.

Arrive from ” of “ northwest wind the earth

Begin native land and self-conscious creative work

New capital signs up for: Go up century at the beginning of 80 time, disc market appears ” of special “ prosperity spends period of time, whether is you feel that period can be regarded a benign market?

Liu Huan: At that time, we still make industry without the disc on real significance actually. Whole process is actually conversely. Often be which country dispatches from foreign news agency inspects drama fire, everybody just looks for the theme song of teleplay to register record rapidly. Not be we have a regular program so today, creation gives a song, play a song next through a what kind of channel, let everybody know. At that time is a more troubled condition actually, without the song with pretty what, of English, of Hong Kong and Taiwan sing. I also had heard 5 days of collections give the business of a piece of disc at that time, the song takes what kind of saliva to record, look with present eye, basically can count excessive is made.

New capital signs up for: 1987 of ” of “ northwest wind arisen, look in you whether the climax that calculates so that consciousness of the first going up is outback popularity music own creative work rises abruptly?

Liu Huan: ” of “ northwest wind is made with disc actually and the concern of record industry is not big also. At that time ” of “ northwest wind this tide, not be make with disc for the center, also not be it is a center with the singer, the person that create with a general term for ci and qu however is a center. Look now, erupt this is outback popularity music really, popular to China music the influence henceforth is great. Began to become self-conscious creative work from ” of “ northwest wind.
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