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"Touch crane city " 10 VIP choose commentary
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We see gladly, with us good what rapid development travels together is, the integral quality of neat city is rising ceaselessly, the person energy of life of neat city is in promotion, the urban class of neat city is rising.

Publicize and promote the crane town drive of new era, it is to be bred better and develop crane town drive. The person that “ touchs crane city ” comes from at basic level, beside “ touchs the thing of crane city ” to happen in us, in our life. Li Xiaoli, regard the lifelong service of neat station as star, it is the person that with vernal spring breeze warmth each need help; Wu Dawei, life is saved in flames of war, expressional is faithful to the bare bravery of the motherland; Yan Yuqin, suffer from cancer to return altruistic dedication personally; Zhang Deren, what do bookstore to transmit knowledge to beg oneself is the bagatelle of collective and rich …… of villagers, it is the foundation of the important matter; Important matter, be bagatelle accumulate. The person that touch crane city ” for “ is touched, edify and should be comprehended more by the thing with these not common bromide. Because ordinary and their achievement is great, their as common and exalted, they accomplish want us only the intention, with affection, also can do with effort get. Be in neat city, in the process that establishs harmonious society in us, already more and more good person favours are in emerge in large numbers. Association of love of city long-distance race more and more expanding is paradigmatic. It is difficult that one party has, the social conduct that all directions assists is paradigmatic. Love hillock respects property, the outstanding achievement with strong outstanding creation is paradigmatic. Drive out evil and usher in good, the social fashion that promotes healthy atmosphere is paradigmatic. See virtuous Sai Qi, not with be apt to small and do not be. Want us to begin to do only, insist to do, try hard to do, make the foundation stone of harmonious society with fair justice, with sincere letter friendly affection builds the moral bottom line of harmonious society, with red-blooded invoke creation spirit, so, we can create harmonious, implementation harmony to enjoy harmony.

The selection activity that “ touchs crane city ” has ended, but the spirit that touchs crane city also won't end forever. Ordinary Yi Wei is big, want this to make the same score only always beneficial to party and people, beneficial to the society, beneficial to other, this ordinary light is met warm popular feeling, enlighten society. Just as “ touchs 10 VIP of crane city ” to choose mobile plan to decide, do not divide sexual distinction, no matter the age, do not divide setting, want what can let the public produce drive to touch only, it is Ling Hecheng is brought for proud person.

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