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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
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[Jiang Xiaoyu] : ㄋ lives ⒂ considers  of ⒍ Ge at present to knock at planning grave of that  Jiao and ㄋ child Ge of  of Γ of moss of Gu Zituan go whoring of  of Γ of moss of favour go whoring child シ of  of Mu of Jian of Duo of  of Zhuo of where of string of  of M of Jin of Tuan of have diarrhoea ξ wrings sword   to arrange て3]

[Smxking] : 8]
[Huang Chengqing] : Assist of crusty pancake of serve of Xin of Sun of of lineal descent of Gu solid fellow always does hard core of encouraging Yun of defect brandish orangutan fight 5  of  is  of compose of ⒄ of  of  of チ of vomit of widow of the Chu before spruce armpit Wu says shelfing  of admire of grave Zhang Kang achieves pancreas of  copy N to hold  dainty phlegmy our humorous You?

Because such newly emerging things appears, legal laws and regulations still compares lag, people still remains to be mixed at be being perfected further to the understanding of new thing understanding, it is to be in this process, so it exists now, development rose, because,be a such processes, put in these problem, people net just puts forward such problem to undertake discussion today, I think people net raises such question very significant. Include you to raise this question we discuss together very significant, because this problem appeared,not be, everybody allows to it exists forever and run rampant go down, I do not think is not such, everybody meets collective discussion, analysis, how to have a standard to it, processing, create a favorable environment everybody can think this problem. This is today the goal that we should discuss and achieves, this problem that you mention, I think you also are this purpose, to can pass understanding, will solve this problem better. [14:48]

[Sword] : Jia only then τ of annulus of arm of favour of  of Cheng of tuft of  of  of bogus an ancient drinking vessel sentences astounded to mire kneecap punishs  ending neodymium not to move round be able to bear or endure?[14:4 of male  of heart of  of  tuft Cheng9]

[Huang Chengqing] : Yi Can is fierce add up to ship  to be able to bear or endure about  of  of  tuft Cheng heats up hanging idle to read ⅰ of two of  of street delay  alone Zhu of  of bright a cricket lives ” of highbrow art and literature of?ldquo; of emperor of dispatch of  of feng4huang2 of the Cong that punish  but more recipient to common netizen. [14:50]

[Wang Linghua] :  of  of  of  of refine of Du of Xie Ji of moth of Qian of ㄋ clumsy fade sends Fu to mail 6 Ge of Peng to wish  and divide evenly Song is read bear  of grave of oxime of raw meat or fish of  of lot of graceful Xi of ┕ eat  shakes team  to hope   pancreas holds?[14:5 of  month Se0]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] : 1]

[Powerful nation sends] : 1]

[Huang Chengqing] : Zhang of grave of astounded of Yi  Bo scrupulously and respectfully N bows with hands clasped to Xi to do not have Qian of  of  of Guo of serve of ┪ of Xing Huang of  of approach of Lang of dirt of Ai of ┠ of Xing Huang of チ   to adept of  of  of  of チ of  of  of  of Bo of   lip mires Ai of bursa unreal of badger of rudder of  of Yong boundless and indistinct, I think this is not comprehensive. The issue that discusses today, I think with propagandist Internet negative stuff does not have inevitable connection, I think basically is the network music that talks evil common, how does transmission come on the net effectively keep within limits it, and what is the root that they spread, not be Internet is full of music of this kind of evil common everywhere, I think major music is good still, but have a few such tendency, perhaps appeared work of this kind of evil convention. Will in time discuss this issue, everybody causes resonance, appearing these problems when, how everybody administers it to form a healthy environment, not be today the music that evil common is entirely on the net, I not so think. [14:51]
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