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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
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[Jiang Xiaoyu] : Disease of Kang of persimmon of Chuo of account of bursa of branny value of Peng of  of  of  of Cheng of mother of string of Lei of any of several hot spice plants of Wu ┧    of Liang of chart of post Lu  namely  of Peng branny naevus targets swan quilt of blown away by wind of  of  of Niao of revive of Ju Huan of Kang of  of Quan of H of  of ⊙ of  of acute hearing Ken is worth7]

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[Huang Chengqing] : Pancreas holds serve of  Sun Xin to much vertebra of Ge of Ju of Jie of source of Kou of barren of  of  of  of shallow V plaque takes Zhang of month of Yan of  of ね of  Jian mellow  to mire evil spirit of  of hurry of Ku of miscellaneous mulberry  fragrance scabbard of fade of > of Ge of cangue of prostitute of teach of post crucian carp merchant miasma cheek and  , make us broad the netizen should have play more its are active these expand capacity of information of dynamic role, creativity, contribution characteristicly. How be when music of blow evil common, boycott evil common, can protect our free speech again, actually U.N. offers a major task to Internet processing. It is namely in Internet processing process, it is the balance of a lot of relations, include the balance of interest government and development, network safety and convenient use balance, the platform of the extensive transmission of the protection of intellectual property and network, very much is a kind of balance. If be in this processing process, find such balance place, can be helpful for us the development of whole industry, cannot boycott evil common music because of processing quite, will limit the netizen's freedom, because do not go,also cannot manage quite, and the music that lets evil common is flush. Want to grasp such equilibrium point, this is test a level mixes our controller can crucial point.

U.N. secretary-general Annam once put forward, in be being driven and protecting Internet health to develop a process, controller wants and innovation spirit is full of like the founder. Internet needs to manage, but do not mean the means that should use a convention. Internet is after all such differring, this word that I think to he says everybody is understandable, because Internet is open interactive, the concern that brings us to manage the kind that still has thinking to follow a tradition is completely different, we must want to innovate our administrative pattern, this should protect us already the free speech of broad netizen, this is test really the place of our wisdom. [14:40]

[Wang Linghua] : 1]

[Huang Chengqing] : Pancreas holds  dainty to steal?[14:4 of arc of  Mou 1]

[Smxking] : Ge of regret of bogus an ancient drinking vessel child ㄋ setting out wishs  considers the Hui that catch left-eyed flounder to plant  Ban have diarrhoea calls damask silk procuress sunlights slash?[14:43]
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