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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
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[Huang Chengqing] : Pancreas holds Mei Jian of cape of San of serve of  Sun Xin: サ of offspringing ㄍ of sandpiper of  of deceive J violet sew cheek of  of model of vertebra of broil of Qian of  of Ao of core of ヅ of ㄍ of  of Quan of  of core an ancient drinking vessel and does Xian Zi of steamed bun of serve of Xin of Sun of Su of T of an ancient wine vessel made of horn of core of ヅ of  sandpiper offspringing ㄍ's person get Bian to shirk to bar  shelfs does  post show ㄖ ?

No matter how law adjudicates the result of a thing, I think discussion course is an understanding and the process that accept education to the netizen, I think this is the most important. [14:31]

[] of a day of one wide young: 2]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] :  of  tuft Cheng mu Song of deficient of childish of annulus of twinkling of  of  of Ge Zhun  oh Shan Na Tao bursa of plaque  of Scandium of king crab of Ju Huan of colour of  of В of graceful pen of archives of Qiu of bank of big pool of collect of  of shellfish of fade of  of king crab of Sun of Yi Qin of  of Guo of  of enemy Cheng food container:   delays triangular bream of  of straight part of the day of source of  of school of low of moisture in the soil of the back that consider vertebra to make rich hook of  commission  shows a ⒊ of laborious of extensive buy brandish > mu Ge vertebra is able to bear or endure fourth?[14:3 of  Miao Tiao2]

[Sword] : Jia only then  of neon of patch up of ≡ of Zi of Qian of  of  of Cheng of tuft of  of Zi of Ge of Huo of  of ∈ of Lao of Yan of fawn on of  of Quan of  of bogus an ancient drinking vessel wishs?[14:33]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] :  be angry makes fun of  of  Duo reason to live?[14:34]

[Jinhuachunmeng] : Bogus? is the closest network popularity is evil the support of the people that get a name is classical, talk to have specific act to check in this respect please behavior of this kind of phenomenon? [14:35]

[Huang Chengqing] : Pancreas holds shallow M of play of white of  of instruct of honest of heart of Pi of serve of  Sun Xin to conceive private school of Qiao of O of an ancient wine vessel made of horn  of Gui of  of harmonious of chasm of  of に of  of  of curtain of せ of actinium of Wan of Xing Huan Ba shelters  of  of bright of raw meat or fish steals Bao ナ to protect locust of cook of ふ of  of Yu of   antrum, in including Jiang Kun, Li Gu to participate in this alliance, use the power of such group, will maintain oneself a few interests, after his confederation, when there is a few to encroach artist business on development net, can follow Internet association, unit of a few members follows this website negotiation, the kind that carries self-discipline warns these people, now is to accomplish this one step merely. I think the elapse as time, should build our nation the legal laws and regulations of this respect, also hope the netizen raises constructive opinion more, this is helpful for the development of pair of network music, the development of Internet is the thing that has profit very much. [14:36]
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