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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
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So I think, this needs our education and the netizen that teach us, what identifying is evil common music, what is the popular music of our people love, how to teach them a make a clear distinction of this kind of bounds, this is very important. Make they understand. Additionally oneself business should assume its own responsibility, the netizen strengthens self-discipline. The enterprise uploads sowed evil common music to undertake checking to the net namely, perhaps authority dissuades an user not to transmit this kind of music, and the netizen should load a quality that regards a country as the citizen and accomplishment.

Still have the construction of legal laws and regulations additionally, serious to those, apparent violate state law statute, the country should give corresponding sanction. [14:23]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] : Busy of unoccupied place  of fall from the sky of  of pole of brandish Ω cover flinchs narrow one's eyes surnames  to wring quilt of play of dumpling ジ copy to be worth dainty of  of Mu  ィ and extensive value employs Ω of cowardly making fun of   of ィ of  of Mu of  of act of Zi of Ge of careless of  of admire of У of travel of  of Niao of U of magnesian  Bi Mo3]

[See] everyday: 7]

[Huang Chengqing] : Zhang of grave of  of Yi  Bo scrupulously and respectfully violet Ren Qiaoyi of  of kind of head of  of  of  of Cheng of tuft of  of M of  of kind of head of  of  of  of Cheng of tuft of  of oil of  of  of J violet sew does natrium of shelfing  of  of  of チ of  of leech of post left-eyed flounder teach archives model  ǎ  and?

The music with a such broad to us fountainhead invents the personnel, broad netizen it may not be a bad idea that likes music, I consider as a favour, no matter be,from creation the person is told, the netizen understands his music, still be the music that the netizen thinks to hear love to see and hear is mixed more in time convenient. But cannot evasive is, in such development process, few number person can use so convenient, quick platform, transmission a few evil common, encroach the social public interest, insalubrious content song that violates other interest. If we do not try to check in time, everybody does not undertake self-discipline, this whole to network music development is very adverse, if full net is full of fling abuses, perhaps atttack, all song that harm public interest, who still likes such platform, was full of rubbish even, who still looks, the musical work of so outstanding person also can be flooded among them.

Solve this problem, be the opportunity that such fountainhead has offerred to us, we should safeguard the main chance of such hard-earned, be opposite at the same time such phenomenon, we should form “ everybody to boycott the atmosphere of ” . Make music of evil common, low common does not have existent market. [14:27]

[Xuan Ji child] : Bogus an ancient drinking vessel is good bar because MINEM of  Fang 諩 advertises the court on irresponsible content the accused to adolescent in the song in him, do you think to calculate do not calculate coarse? [14:31]
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