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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
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[] of a day of one wide young: Live abroad n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor holds  Xian  to pat Du San exhausted?[14:14]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] :  of bad honest Xian pats pancreas of Du San exhausted  to hold narrow one's eyes of A Chinese-style unlined garment of neon of lament of  of Wan of barren of  Ren unoccupied place ú to surname Xin Diquan of  of  of  of danger of  brother's son  of  of bad accept of lung of instep of account of ostrich of Yao of Gou of solid grandma of Piao of  of Lao of Wu of  of muddleheaded Lian  thing full front of a Chinese gown5]

[Sweet potato young 57 worlds] : 8]

[Huang Chengqing] : Cape of  of  of the Bo that depend on hack flinchs ” of popular song of?ldquo; of  of the Cheng that consider go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, can more the song that mirrors thinking of people of average lower level, make they can be accepted, contain intelligible song, I consider as the transmission of such song, be helpful for us the construction of whole public culture. The harmony that is helpful for a society is stable. What say “ like you really not should one club beats dead ” is low with low common different, want to have a bottom line and border, this border is to want delimit the legal statute that your encroachment violates a country, should differentiate only the bottom line is OK and divisional. Have a few common, common people is ordinary of people love, although not be ” of “ highbrow art and literature, but I think also is OK travel on the net, regulate our life, contented people is right the demand of culture, I think this is completely possible, cannot ask the content of Internet is good entirely, because our society is of rich and colorful, our song also is such, sound having the beauty calls a way, have call a way popularly, still have call a way popularly, but should have a bottom line, can not violate the interest of other, social public interest, violate legal statute of the country, hold these 3 existence that can permit this kind of form. [14:18]

[Looking at grapy fox] : ∮ is stupefied network of  bogus dirty? is the people, is of the people evil common? Is the space that gives the people a free play bad? [14:19]

[Jiang Xiaoyu] : Duo closely question embeds ” of common of be apt to of?ldquo; of formic Long of Nai of  of Ping of shaming  of Duo of  of Ge vertebra model than hesitating locust  , the space of free play should more things that leave happiness, is not to use communal space to go transmission and drain are narrow, elementary, be without the ” of “ spirit rubbish of aesthetic feeling and artistic value, this just is the harm that enjoys free space to the people. [14:19]

[Sword] : 2]

[Huang Chengqing] : Pancreas holds serve of  Sun Xin dainty is violet however colour of Yu of Xing Huan of moth second  bites neon of archives of appropriate of Zhan Pan of  fade apology cuts a word into parts to embed salt of  of huge rock of Zhan of apology of fade of  of Zheng of Ge Zi quilt salt of  of solid sword  looks for post Bao  of Quan of H of violet to fold, with respect to the requirement at the same time we are loaded have this kind of responsibility, because everybody knows, in process of information society construction, ask how our netizen study gets information not just, more the education of the ability that asks to contribute information, as the citizen of a country, you contribute what kind of information for this country and society, it is the main topic in construction of society of prospective letter information, include music, also be information one part, this mark is worn a country even a nation, culture culture and quality.
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