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Zhang Ming: Quilt of Huang of post Yu Nuo hold is strapped
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Him Zhang Ming calculated, in 50 years old previously, the lecture had gained ground 500 thousand audience. His next plan is, in 70 years old before audience is achieved 1 million. 1 million with China giant population base photograph is compared, it is the fire of star only, but the fire that is these star, propping up the dream of his set the prairie ablaze.

“ music is my belief”

In can throwing such energy classical to popular music to popularize education, is Zhang Ming right music after all does persistence arrive what degree? Zhang Ming says: &Ldquo; music is my belief, music just has me, if do not have music, I do not know I am living still have what value. ”

Music is so divine in his eye, even if oneself student wants to copy his original dish, also can be regarded as by him do not respect music and refuse.

If “ says Mozart is angel, so I should do the lackey beside angel. He says ” . I had felt “ Mozart has how good, I should deliver this kind of happiness go out, do a preacher. Such, my life can get continueing in the life of others. ”

Come to this library accept audience of classical music baptismal now, every year 20 thousand arrive 40 thousand people.

It is this musical library that still manages in lose money in business up to now, zhang Ming wants all the time “ struggles ” goes down: &Ldquo; if I found the successor that can defend this kindling, I hope it can become a hundred years old store. ”

Zhang Ming still has a plan, he should set upright screen of a liquid crystal in west lake edge, use technically broadcast classical music, can increase the scope of transmission greatly so. He still is in dream to rushing about for this.

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