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Zhang Ming: Quilt of Huang of post Yu Nuo hold is strapped
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Not only a year in odeum not very flexibly, also do not succeed in the attempt of media later. Arrived 1998 1999, zhang Ming is in " money river evening paper " , " Zhejiang youth signs up for " wait for media to open column, dispatch more than 100, but the effect all is paid no attention to want, produced oneself to build the think of a way of platform so.

Pass period of time prepare, this platform that realizes a dream -- library of Zhang Ming music opened a shop in Xi Zihu bank on August 8, 2002 eventually.

These year come, the person that wears blinkers to see him is not little. “ someone says me from dig down 500 thousand, 1 million burn money namely, return somebody to say me this is a cafe just. But these cannot harm me, what I should do is career of a commonweal. ”

The fire of star, can set the prairie ablaze

Zhang Ming says frankly, accomplishment has the classical music that come 20 this years and did not see this city to rise how oldly. Even if be a few years ago, an again good concert sells give 400 pieces of bills, even if very marvelous.

Respecting lacks the reality of decorous music accomplishment this kind, zhang Ming is immersed in anguish again: &Ldquo; music is human instinct, but present society is too blundering, common people is calm without idea come down music even if little time, this is too painful really. ” is painful one word, when he speaks of the current situation, use at most.

Zhang Ming says, connect Master doctor, also do not have musical foundation almost. The large gain that he once had checked an university is unripe people, result unexpectedly is poor, most person does not know staff basically. “ our undergraduate, the student that follows abroad is more cultural than music, difference is gotten too far. When ” his respecting is excited, meeting narrow one's eyes has an eye, hang brow, expression has appeal very much.

Present popular music is to do not have connotation by Zhang Ming denounce. This kind is actual, let Zhang Ming feel the space of this career put to good use is very large, let him have working power more. Look at those is wearing headphone guests inside the house, zhang Ming has a kind to satisfy constantly. This lets “ the platform that I found him play, feel return somebody to need me. ”

Come 5 years, have every week Zhang Ming can be in his musical library to open a lecture night, collect fees each 50 yuan, give coffee and tea. Look in him this is already special and cheap: &Ldquo; pupil people family education, namely 50 yuan. I also am 50 yuan, have so good facility, still send coffee and tea. ” this night, what he tells is holy mulberry: ? piano concerto, dead dance with sth in one's hands. Be present have 44 people, it is middleaged person of 339 years old for the most part. Every week this night, 339 people collect here. The lecture had fostered audience of a batch of dutiful 5 years, still have names of a lot of foreign audience admire even and to.
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