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Revitalize for industry build puissant prop up industry uses foreign capital to
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Civilian battalion company grows fast distant in relief city, not only metallurgy chemical industry kind momentum of development of traditional industry garden is powerful, and still deliver the view to burgeoning high-tech industry. Current, investment is in above of 10 million dollar, in moving free industry garden in order to collect what new-style culture industry is a target to also preparing to construct in full blast. The way that enrol business is more quick how does innovation of do one's best of working train of thought innovate better the means that enrol business, reduce the cost that enrol business? How to let an enterprise produce initiative, make the principal part of capital attraction truly? Each district also made new beneficial attempt first half of the year this year.

One of attempts, traditional large-scale form a delegation the means that enrol business gets improvement. Through adopting industry characteristic outstanding “ nods pair of dot ” to enrol the network with business, efficient fast to enrol the intermediary of business, convenient diversity to enrol business, make the means that enrol business farther ” of “ fill in the gaps to complete a chain, accomplish ” of “ act according to actual circumstances. Of the attempt, with abroad the orgnaization that be stationed in distant is built often contact closely, widened the news source of wide field of high administrative levels. The last ten-day of a month was saved this year in March classics appoint organized beautiful day official of consulate general business affairs, the committee in the law, austrian federal chamber of commerce, japanese commerce revitalizes an orgnaization to be stationed in the chief delegate of Shenyang or Dalian, american GE company, german Ximen subsidiary, japanese Tokyo bank of couplet of day of 3 water chestnut, heart is diligent the controller that the foreign big company such as Huayong company is stationed in Liaoning area inspected “ 5.1 line ” , immediately of investigation group member got house and orgnaization headquarters hair to answer to homeland research a report. The complete province industry that reached 6 days on July 5 uses meeting of foreign capital job, break free from conventions again, invited enterprise of partial foreign capital and abroad to be stationed in ginseng of distant orgnaization delegate to meet, exchange information, listen to an opinion. This is a government sector very significant work innovates. Province classics appoint vice director Yang Xihuai tells a reporter when speaking of industry of a few months after this year using foreign capital to work, the advantage that my province enjoys a country to promote policy of privilege of base of northeast old industry still apparent, 5.1 line ” opens the “ with affirmatory government of provincial Party committee, province development pattern more be helpful for introducing foreign capital, the country continues to execute have retain pressure, in land and credit two respects implement the policy of macroscopical adjusting control, be compared and the development that character is helpful for Liaoning. Can anticipate, advanced on the foundation of a paragraph of job, the industry of a few months after this year uses foreign capital to be able to have bigger breakthrough, the acceleration that is Liaoning industry is revitalized build new puissant prop up.
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