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Revitalize for industry build puissant prop up industry uses foreign capital to
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Of “ window ” , use foreign capital and grab catch the market to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl. Shenyang mine group is chance with Shenyang subway construction, sign cooperative agreement with company of Japanese JFE engineering, the aegis compose opportunity that creates the subway to build urgent need jointly, after becoming afterwards Shenyang to weigh a group, mechanism of another aegis compose builds a plant, the product uses day of square advanced technique entirely, can satisfy what the subway builds to need well. Group of Dalian machine tool the market demand to get used to a developed country, preparing to construct in Germany production of the 3rd market and scientific research the center of abroad research and development at an organic whole. Up to now, dalian already had 9 advantages company to build center of abroad research and development in abroad in succession. Technology of the member that abroad center still has a person with Dalian mother factory two-way communication, with period promote each other. Business of garden district court becomes heat science to expand rational deal with concrete matters relating to work as the country of strength of macroscopical adjusting control increase ceaselessly, ” of land “ gate increasingly hasten is close, the land natural resources that has won division of approved garden of of all kinds industry appears precious all the more.

If where not to sacrifice,environmental premise falls, optimize structure of garden region industry, reasonable configuration resource, implementation intensive develops, become me to save industry to use foreign capital field a great and urgent new task. Since this year, each district tries hard in this one domain “ defeats problem ” , obtained progress. ” expands the 5.1 line of affirmatory executive “ in the province after the strategy, “ at 5 o'clock one of ” , the Liaoning that on beach of big deserted salt construction rises (battalion mouth) coastal property base, get for all with scientific progress view, hard introduce foreign capital and economic structure to optimize adjust union to rise, guide foreign capital to cast achieve to the pillar property that develops urgently, infrastructure, exit collect industry and new material industry of energy-saving environmental protection. Came 28 days on May 27, president of 100 Litai company limited come round make an on-the-spot investigation on invitation all right, be attracted by here favorable humanitarian environment and investment condition place, decide to put the smooth accelerant project that belongs to high-tech chemical industry to produce class to here at once.

Current, 100 Li Taiguang accelerant (battalion mouth) the company of the first day endowment that limited company already became settle battalion mouth to produce employment base littoral. “ at 5 o'clock one of ” red east industrial garden area, it is basic concept with expanding the economy that face harbor, hold to high starting point, key development wind-force generates electricity equipment is made, the advantage industry such as content shedding and careful chemical industry. Current, a batch of projects that garden area already had Japan, England, Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong area are entered halt, among them this year the project of petrifaction of Korea SK group of start working, total investment amounts to 200 million dollar. Choose ” through the elaborate “ that enrol business endowment, promote the whole of industrial garden area competitive actual strength, this is at present my province has won division of approved garden of various and of all kinds industry the target of diligent in an attempt to. The action business of Shenyang puts the emphasis on area of chemical industry garden this year, with the world of beauty of day Han heart 500 strong companies are a target, the SK group of Korea, japanese Xu Huacheng, 3 water chestnut are chemical, area of garden of chemical to Shenyang industry shows the company such as gram of American Du Bang, silent strong interest, at present each projects are negotiating in.
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