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IDC evaluates term specification
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The most commonly used maintenance on couplet net tool Ping, Tracert

The IP network that Internet perhaps says us is the most successful computer network that develops up to now. The working condition for monitoring network, lead plane considers when TCP/IP agreement is born, whether can work normally and defined ICMP agreement and in order to of relevant message format to be safeguarded daily need only. And among them the Ping that we use extensively commands and You Zhiyan's unripe Tracert command is based on ICMP agreement just about.

Ping is the special technical terms of submarine personnel, express the sonar pulse of the response, in the network Ping is very good used TCP/IP tool. Its main function is to be used detect of the network connect circumstance and analytic network speed.

Tracert basically uses indication data to include the method that arrives at course of place of purpose lead plane. Arrive through carrying out a Tracert after the command of lead plane of the other side, the method that before the result returns data bag to reach purpose main engine, experiences is detailed information, show the time that arrives at bad news of every method place. In addition, tracert command still can be used the measure that examines a network to be passed when join site or take which kinds of course, if be network occurrence breakdown, can be examined through this command is in where occurrence problem.

Lose a bag to lead a meaning

The rate that lose a bag shows Ping lead plane was not received how many times from time to tome here pass on, express to appear the phenomenon that lose a bag. If appear,normally the circumstance falls overmuch data bag is missing, the visit that brings about an user necessarily experiences difference, major WWW application is based on TCP more, if network quality is bad, have the higher rate that lose a bag, will affect the result of TCP, interrupt those who bring about is heavy pass can cause not due to the server greater pressure even.

Cause the account that loses a bag to have a lot of, a main reason is the congest of the network, another reason is to become occasionally the develop of the network attacks produce change for instance road by the happening that the element such as concussion can create the appearance that lose a bag, have again even if may be measured lead plane cannot be answered. The older rate that lose a bag can show the quality of this one network is bad, and not stable. Lose packet of rate so lower, the network will be betterer.

Defer meaning

The meaning of defer is a level that we say the network is fast normally, basically show a data is wrapped from the network this a side runs to another side to need how many time.

If pure seeing the rate that lose a bag is to cannot judge network quality. On the way that has communication of a few computers for instance, meeting occurrence congest but a few by implement can pass alignment algorithm, come with very big Buffer tarry data bag, as far as possible do not discard data bag, but the addition that can cause delay. It is a few method additionally really expedite, but this method is on the network too far. Diameter of alleged network start off too far the true way that knows besides us is apart from (for instance the United States goes to China) , still having is logical way too far, it is to point to a road commonly by implement jump number says in vain continuously is road of the experience in communication process by implement amount, every experience a road by implement the delay that data includes is about to increase, also mean a not stable element to increase likewise actually, dot of a congest increases, when be being designed because of the network, be to be able to have certain astringent mostly proportional. Fulfil IDC for, likely the link bandwidth that they choose to receive backbone network is insufficient, have again even if cannot receive telecommunication or on the backbone network that the net connects, the network talent that needs to pass a few level collects a backbone to go up, live on freeway edge as others home, you pass several country even the argument of alley ability start off is same.
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