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The netizen evaluation to 35 interconnection, keyword: Mailbox!
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3 interconnection enterprise introduces: 35 interconnection held water 1996, it is international is famous the provider that reachs individual user to offer Internet application to serve for personage of global enterprise user, origanization construction, business affairs. Come 11 years, the company goes in industry front row from beginning to end in intense market competition, came true to span type develops, platform of construction of the company post office that provides major for social all circles, fictitious lead plane, website, OA, domain name is registered wait for a service.

The editor comments on: 35 interconnection are the company below Chinese channel banner, it is Chinese head home obtains the top class domain name of first attestation of ICANN attestation and CNNIC to register service orgnaization, it is the Asia's biggest domain name is registered at present, company post office, fictitious lead plane serves trader, obtain each honor inside the industry for many times, it is the IDC operation trade that attributes old brand.

IDC comments a net (Www.idcps.com) netizen evaluation:

Tourist: I also like this enterprise mailbox. . .

Tourist: Our company uses the mailbox of 35 namely, had held out those who use, basically be stable, and won't produce the appearance that cancels a letter. Their employee also bears the blame, look for them on the weekend once the service is very enthusiastic also.

Tourist: What we use is the mailbox of 35, stability is pretty good!

Tourist: Content is worth somewhat, their independent server configures be Intel completely.

Tourist: Lead plane, post office is quite pretty good, it is the valuable feature that the price can compare other only

Tourist: The mailbox of 35 feels pretty good still with the server, it is class tall the price is bit more expensive