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The netizen evaluation to new network interconnection, keyword: Conduct propagan
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Enterprise of new network interconnection introduces: ” of interconnection of “ new network is Beijing the Internet that limited company of science and technology of new network interconnection has serves a brand. Limited company of science and technology of interconnection of Beijing new network is one is located in ZhongGuanCun high-tech the devotes oneself to Internet application service operation business of garden area, be granted title of ” of company of “ new and high technology by Beijing committee of science and technology.

The editor comments on: The company aptitude of new network interconnection is quite all ready, the Chinese top class domain name that is accredit of center of information of Chinese internet network registers business, the has independent domain name to serve aptitude enrollment that is approval of ” of classics “ MII orgnaization, management board of communication of hold classics Beijing approves the certificate of Internet operation company of accredit to wait a moment. Its company is had pare new capacity certainly, initiate the new service such as the website service that can use mobile phone government.

IDC comments a net (Www.idcps.com) netizen evaluation:

Tourist: What new network interconnection publicizes is very good, do not know namely after all how, want to buy their space.

Gentleman: Bewitching, new network interconnection, 3 words, not stable

Elder sister of higher primary school: The domain name is registered here pretty good still! !

A5A5: Lie between 3 difference 5 appear half hours it is very normal that above cannot be landed. Discontinuity cannot be landed one minute can have every day

Tourist: Very good, I used a few years to give an issue rarely, without that the home does not give an issue, I feel very satisfactory!

Tourist: Of interconnection still basically calculate stability, compare new network a lot of, support!